Ellie - Adopted 11/10/01

Ellie and her new pal, Odin

Ellie when she visited her foster home

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This is soooo comfy!

Ellie is a great Sable and White female Collie about a year old. She was found with Kim, Pearl, Hope, Toni, and Quinn abandoned in a farmers field. Ellie was mothering the puppies even though she was not their birth mother. She is the sweetest most loving girl. Ellie (aka Eleanor Rigby) was adopted by a couple in Wausau, WI who have another dog, Odin and just adore her.

Latest Updates:

May 25, 2002

This is Ellie as of today!  It was so wonderful to see Curt & Carolyn today bringing Ellie with them!  She did very well & had a good time with her pal, Penny Lane.  She has certainly turned out to be a beauty!  Far cry from the pitiful pup @ 25# who we fostered and now she is holding her own @ a glorious 45#!  Ellie truly has found her "Forever Home"!


Thank you ever so much for bringing Ellie to see us again!  What a difference 6 1/2 mos. makes!  She is ever so sweet & such a good girl!


Here are some excerpts from their letters:

Update on Ellie, my sweet little girl. She has warmed our hearts and Odin's. After two weeks, we had to put her kennel in the den beside the door to Odin's room. These two are lovers, really. She cried off and on Saturday night because she was in the kitchen and Odin was not in sight. So, Sunday I moved the kennel, and there has been no noise at night. They run like the wind. You can see the natural herding skills in Ellie, as she is herding Odin. She looks so very happy and that make us happy. She seems to be smiling and those perky ears. It is funny to watch. Ellie is just a wonderful little sweetheart.

I think Odin is in love. Odin is a changed man, I mean dog. No kidding! Odin is just one big hormone and knows a pretty girl when he sees one. Ellie is beautiful. Ellie is making big strides in all areas. Everyday she warms up to Curt a little more. She doesn't roll onto back every time I approach her. She knows to sit and be proud. If she does roll onto her back, I tell her to come again and then she sits. I always praise her and give lots of loving. She is getting better all the time. I want her to be proud. Oh, how we love this little girl. She is my little shadow, and both dogs follow me right into the bathroom. I guess privacy time for me is not going to be in the bathroom any more. I don't mind. Both dogs now lay just outside the kitchen and watch me prepare the evening meal every night.

Ellie loves to be brushed and Odin shares in the experience. Her coat is looking better all the time. I think Ellie is filling out. There is a little shine starting to show. She is now eating the same food Odin is on, which is lamb and rice dog food - Purina One dog food. She is a great eater. We love our animals. Ellie is my little girl and so very, very special to me. I just adore her and that sweet little face. She is our baby girl. God has blessed us with Ellie. I think Ellie is one very brave and courageous dog, and deserves only the best. Curt and I will always be here for Ellie, and will NEVER let this little girl down. 

Ellie was fostered in Chetek, WI.