Princess-Now Holly - Adopted 12/16/01

Holly was adopted by a wonderful family in St. Paul, MN.

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Happy Holidays from Princess Holly, December 2002

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Hi Lorrie & MWCR-

Finally, pictures of Holly (Princess). These were taken a few months ago. That's her with our cat, Dacotah. She's since lost her winter coat and is ready for summer. We're sorry to have missed you at the Scottish

Fair! Holly continues to do well & is loved by everyone who meets her. Most of all, by us.


Best wishes,


We got a note after the holidays from her new family:

We traveled to WI and IL with Holly for the holidays and she was the hit everywhere. She did well throughout the extended visits. Always good-natured, ready to play, and well-behaved. Everyone loved her! She got to play with several dog pals, including her two collie cousins in IL. Our favorite moment was on Christmas Day: after a hard afternoon playing with collies and kids, she was completely sacked out in the middle of my mother's living room, surrounded by my nieces and nephews watching videos. We are pretty sure she had a smile on her face!

This moment was only second to Holly meeting a black lab named Samantha (my in-laws rescue dog) - Samantha wasn't too happy to have another dog around and was being a bit aggressive - Holly sat down next to Samantha and put her paw up onto Samantha's shoulder trying to be friends. Amazing dog!

We took her with us to Grand Marais, bought her some dog booties, and hit the snowshoeing trails with her. She did wonderfully. Back at home she continues to do great. The cats are getting comfortable with her and she is very nice to them. We love to take her to a nearby off-leash are (fenced in) to watch her play with other dogs - she just has a great time and everyone is charmed by her good looks. She'll be going to obedience training next week to sharpen her skills with coming and staying.

All in all, she's exceeded our expectations and we hope that she knows that she's finally home forever. Thanks so much for bringing this wonderful dog to us.

Princess is a 16 month old glistening and rich colored Sable female. She is well mannered, fine boned, and petite (45 lbs). Princess loves people, children, other dogs, and even cats! She has a sweet and playful disposition. Housebroken, crate trained, walks very well on a lead and rides wonderfully in a car. She gives gentle smoochies and let my 14 1/2 yr. old cat groom her face as I was trimming & brushing her. She sure is a beautiful shade of sable - almost like an autumn day - glistening! Typical sweet collie disposition & quite intelligent!

Holly was fostered in Chetek, WI.


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