Cammie - Now Whitney - Adopted 12/10/02This Collie is not good with small Children

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Cammie is a medium sized female white that appears large because of her weight. Although she remains overweight, she has lost over 20 lbs since we first met her, and she continues to make progress. She is much more mobile now, and she walks anywhere she wants…up and down stairs…anywhere.

She is a total sweetheart. Cammie gets along well with other dogs and all people, although she can be slightly jealous, she never shows any malice toward others.

She shows a slight propensity to “herd”, but really lacks the physical ability to be particularly good at it, and likes nothing better than to recline near her people and enjoy the day and what attention she can garner. She lies next to her foster dad for hours at a time, very patient and well behaved. She rarely has “accidents” of any kind, does not chew anything other than rawhides, and is friendly to everyone.

She is estimated to be 5-1/2 years old, walks with a limp because of a combination of an early life trauma to her front elbow and her weight, but is getting better as she continues to trim. We also note that she is getting stronger, though her activity level is below what we would like to see. Other than those conditions (reports available) she appears to be in good health, and will make an excellent companion to someone who requires a less active friend.

Updates from Whitney's mom:



Guess what??? Whitney RAN today!!!! YEAH!!!!!!!!! I was soo surprised!!!! She has never done that!!  I was very excited to say the least as she has not felt well enough before to even move at a faster walk. My neighbors were out and did not quite understand why I was excited about this milestone for my girl. She saw the neighbor's dog and ran over to greet him. I would like to get her to a dog park and maybe with other dogs around, she may move around more. There is one about 20 minutes from my house which is not too far away. Take care, I just had to share my good news!





Hi Linda,

Sorry it has taken me a while to get back to you. I hope everything is well for you and your family. I had seen your e-mail and when I had time to respond, it took me a while to find it (we have two computers with about a few hundred e-mails on them).  I am interested in joining MWCR, I have filled out the application and will get it in the mail.

Whitney is doing great.  She has settled in and I think she has lost some weight.  She has more energy and sometimes the puppy in her comes out.  I see it in her more and more each week.  She tries to play with the cats, but they won't have anything to do with that!  We take her out for walks and she looks forward to them now.  One day even "asked" to go out.  We just love her, she is so sweet and such a lady!  Now that the snow is melted, she does not like getting her feet muddy.  At the bottom of the steps the grass does not grow, and she hates to get off the deck, but she will be happier this spring when we put in patio blocks there. 

Take care,


Cammie was fostered in Hopkins, MN.


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