Casey - Adopted 11/20/02This Collie has Special Needs

  Casey and his new family  
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Casey and Bella Casey and Bella Casey, Bella, & Mommy

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A ray of sunshine & sweetness is what this sable & white 3 year old Collie boy is all about.  He has a wonderful temperament and is extremely well behaved.

Casey is fully vetted and has the ultimate in Collie personality.  He loves to be by your side, is friendly with cats, other dogs and every person he greets.  He is very social, quiet and well mannered.

He was surrendered by his owners as they no longer had time for him.  Casey is a large boned Collie and was very overweight due to lack of exercise.  He has lost more than 17 lbs. since he came into rescue and is very close to an ideal weight of 80 lbs.  He is doing exceptionally well on his weight control program.

Casey will always be considered as a ‘Special Needs’ Collie.  He has been diagnosed with severe left hip dysplasia.  He is currently undergoing acupuncture treatments to lessen his pain.  This will be a short-term regimen and then he will only need acupuncture treatments on a periodical basis. Casey has also been diagnosed as having Hypothyroidism which is being treated with medication. This medicine is only about $8/month but will be required on a daily basis.

Casey is doing very well in his foster home and is much more active due to his acupuncture treatments, thyroid medication, 3 Collie friends, 2 cats, and the love and attention he gets from everyone he meets.

Casey's thyroid medication is stabilized and doesn't have to be retested for 6 months.Click for larger image

This is Casey at a full gallop, running to meet his foster mommy when she came home from work.

After acupuncture treatments Casey is enjoying his play time like all Collies do...  He was never able to run like this before!  He is now 3 months between acupuncture treatments!


Latest Updates:


Casey sends a hello and some big collie kisses...he is quite a busy dog. It is so fun to see how much he enjoys being outdoors-he spends almost all day outside. He is still big into his squirrel hunting... I have met a few more new people as he likes to sit on their lawns to watch squirrels-everyone he meets just loves him-he has permission to sit in so many yards and everyone knows him!! we have a regular route that we walk each day-it takes us anywhere from about 40 minutes to an hour to walk it -depending on how many stops casey makes...he definitely knows where he wants to go and how fast he wants to move... I hope sometime you can visit and take this walk with him-he is so predictable and funny to watch.  He is such a sweetie--he is a momma's boy for sure; it seems like we have had him forever.


He had another round of hot spots but is great now--our vet had suggested we bathe him weekly with his medicated shampoo, etc.... he actually is really good for his bath-but he hates to have a hairdryer used on him- I bought one that is supposed to be really quiet-but he still hates it.  Now it is warm enough for him to just dry off without it---he sure looks thin when wet!!!!


The newest thing casey does is cry for his walk. He will get up, eat, go outside, etc....but he just knows we walk at around 9 am every day and at about 8:30 or so he starts to get anxious and wants to go and cries (we don't go earlier as he barks at all his friends along the way!)...then when we get back he is ready to spend the rest of the morning in the front yard--he has about 15-20 ft line that he is on, so he can move about, etc-he mainly just likes to sit and watch the street. He tends to like us to be with him-so I usually stay out there awhile or do stuff in the yard. He also is playing more with me-he used to play mostly with Mario. And Bella treats him like a brother-she talks to him like he is a person. Sometimes she looks like she is going to squish him when she hugs him and I have to tell her not to-but casey just lets her-he is good with even small kids. he is learning how to not bark at cats and ducks-we have a couple of ducks that spend alot of time in our yard. he likes the birds and watches them alot too.  Today we got out the water sprinkler for Bella---Casey did not want to go near it but the neighbor dog did. I am just enjoying Casey so much!!!!


Hope your weekend is going well-take care,



January 14, 2003


What a sweet photo...he definitely knew he was leaving-he looked out the back until we were out of your sight...when we got back he had to go through the whole house and smell everything room by room. So far so good-he had a few whimpers the first day but he is doing great. I think he understands that this is his place now. I am expecting that he will go through his "tough time" sooner than when we had him before and then will be fine. We walked him with the neighbor dogs and it seems that he and Karat will be great friends and playmates. He has announced his presence to the entire neighborhood with his grand bark, which at times blends into a huge sound with various other neighbor dogs who join in. We couldn't resist on the cookie boxes and had to give him one-he does love them!! I promise to carry on that tradition and continue to make them for him. We will give him a big hug and kiss from you guys-take care!


Casey was fostered in Chetek, WI.


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