Rocket is a 9 year old Collie boy.  Rocket is a special needs Collie because he only has 3 legs.

What we were told that Rocket came from a farm family in Wisconsin.  Apparently he was injured 3-4 years ago and it was necessary to amputate his back left leg. (Possibly from being kicked by a cow?)  Unfortunately, that is not the end of his tragic story.  Recently his family's home burned and he was left at the burned out shell to fend for himself for several weeks.  Like any smart Collie, he went to try to find some people, but he got lost.  By the time he was found, he was terribly matted and it was necessary to shave his fur very short to remove the mats.  He was taken to the family vet who neutered him asked MWCR to find this sweet guy a home.

He is one love starved boy.  He only wants a human of his own to love and be loved by. He is the sweetest boy!  He goes around the dog park once, which is fine.  He doesn't really want much to do with the others when they run and play rough.  Understandably.  Gosh, he sure wants to be loved by someone though.  When you stop petting him he barks to let you know you stopped and need to keep petting him.  He goes outside, does his business and comes right back in. He doesn't want to be outside at all, understandably.  I guess if you left me alone out on some land where the house burned down, with no one to care for me or love me I would cling to the new home too.   He is a very very nice boy, from what I know so far.  He isn't a real big collie and though his hair is starting to grow back he still has a lot of dry skin and he gets very itchy if not given benadryl, about every 10 hours.  He is up to date on all shots and heartworm negative.  He will make a great companion if he is where he can be loved and cared for.  That is all he seems to want.

Rocket gets around very well despite his handicap but, understandably, is not terribly keen on doing a lot of stairs. 

Everyone who meets Rocket says that he reminds them of Persy in looks and because he is so very sweet and gentle.

Rocket is being fostered near Madison, WI.



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