Jake - Adopted 6/04/03


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Jake is an 11month old sable and white Collie boy who is fully vetted.  Jake was an owner surrender to a shelter.  He was brought in with his mother, Tess (see below).

Jake is a great collie boy who really likes to be included.  He likes to be around the other two collies in the house and particularly likes the family cat. He will chase him playfully but will also be very gentle. I would strongly recommend that he not be an only dog. He needs to belong to a "pack". He is a very smart dog and a quick learner. He never has had an accident in the house and is left out of the crate all night now with the others. I would say he is house trained. He is not good with the "city sounds". He gets scared and wants to flee with loud noises. I think a fenced in yard is his best bet or definitely restrained with a long lead or tie out until he gets more comfortable with the strange noises.  During walks he gets very nervous when cars pass us and pulls alot. We are trying to get him used to it but he has a way to go yet. Not sure of thunderstorms yet, haven't had one yet. Not too hopeful though. He's learning to walk on a leash without pulling and does enjoy going on them with the others. He knows where all the dog toys are and pulls them out to play with them daily. He greets the family with a wagging tail and happy face when we get home. He's a happy, sweet, lovable boy and a genuine love as he has stole all our hearts.

Jake was fostered in Eau Claire, WI.


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