Lance- Adopted 8/03


Meet Lance. He's a young collie boy who came into a shelter as a stray. Lance is already neutered and up to date on shots.  Lance is very small for a Collie boy. We think he is somewhere between 1-3 years old.

Lance is a very nice boy - he's a very enthusiastic boy who jumps up in greeting when I arrive home from work. He is not a avid attention seeker - he will come and sit by my chair at times and i just know he needs some petting and it isn't long after that and he's checking out other things. he gets along very well with my collie (Sadie) and sheltie (Cassie) and our cat (Xena). He is not food aggressive. I checked that out, and you can take away his bowl or reach down near it when he is eating and there really is no response. he readily does stairs, whereas Sadie won't. he is good on a leash with very little pulling or tugging and that's seldom. when it does occur, i think he's just excited to be going for a walk. there have been no accidents in the house since we've had him. they all have been left for 7 hrs w/o any problems. I don't see him as ever being the dominant dog w/other dogs. Lance does have a tendency to escape to a closet under the stairs. he will usually come out when I enthusiastically let them all know we're going to the park. He rides very well in my van but there have been a couple of times when he wouldn't jump in and I've had to lift him in. He can
be a little balky sometimes for whatever reason. He is definitely on the small size, but again he is a sweet-heart. the only time he seems to bark is when i get home from work and of course all three of them get going. he sometimes sleeps on our bed but will get up during the night and go back to his "lair" under the stairs.

My husband takes them all for a walk in the a.m. and I take them at night except when it has been extremely warm but still try to go out around 7 or 8 p.m. he needs work on his recall because he obviously doesn't know his name yet. he has been sticking a little closer to me at the park the last couple of times. I've been taking along treats, calling him and sometimes he comes back for them and sometimes not. it depends on what other dog is out there. he shows no aggressive tendencies whatsoever.

Isn't he cute??

Lance is being fostered near Madison, WI.





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