Laredo - Adopted 3/23/03

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Laredo is a very handsome 4 1/2 yr old Tri-colored male Collie.  He is docile and good with children and other dogs, but is a bit overweight.


He is a very dark brown and black with white feet, belly, and mane.  He has a golden face with a dark brown raccoon - like mask on his face.


Laredo traveled well in the car.  He will be neutered and brought up to date on all vaccinations.  Laredo will be well cared for and loved in his new foster home!  Please check back for more information on Laredo as it becomes available.


Latest updates from Laredo's Foster Mom;


Hopefully film will be back at Sam's this afternoon or tomorrow and I can get some pictures in the mail to you.


Laredo is a bit livelier now that he's not so shell-shocked and not on medsother than his ear stuff. Mollie is being very nice to him (ignores).


Laredo really wanted to be outside yesterday.  He wants to run and be off his leash- which he can't do. He whined off and on all day when inside. Now today, he has been out several times, and for the past few hours has been contentedly looking out the sliding glass door at the woods. I suppose after having  run free for five years it is a major lifestyle adjustment for a guy!I hope he can get used to it and isn't constantly miserable. (He also wants to eat at 4:30 or 5 a.m.- imagine he used to wake with the sun and the birds when he lived outside!) Randy has talked about fencing the yard so he could run free- Mollie has learned to go out with us  w/out a leash and stays on our acre with no problem- and she's the one who jumped Joni's fence in Duluth!


He is still very lovey- nuzzles, and loves to be next to you and having you pet him. He loves the boys and their friends. Actually, he loves everyone!


We'll keep you posted- we all love him- but hope he can be happy being an inside dog. We'll have to see how he continues to adjust.





Hi- Just logged on and there was your message. We got about three inches of snow yesterday afternoon- was a royal mess! Had sleet first, then snow, then 30 mph winds with whiteouts. I was glad to get everyone home and inside! (And glad it stopped at 3 in!) Laredo and Mollie* were confused by it- and she does not like the cold on her paws- Randy got her booties a few weeks ago when we had the really cold stuff, but Miss Mollie did not like those either.

Click here to see more info on Mollie * Webmaster's Note: Mollie is a MWCR rescued Collie that was adopted in April, 2002.


Laredo is SO lovable! Loves attention, but does not demand it! He comes up and sticks his head in the crook of your arm (esp. if typing on computer!) Curt was thrilled to learn he plays ball- sort of! Mollie growled at him, but we KNOW she doesn't give a hoot about the ball! They have played together in the snow. I think she's getting used to him . Chris was home sick today- said when he was awake did not hear any fights-Mollie is a riot- sometimes lays (lies?) on the floor to block him getting to a place he may want to go-Chris' room, or downstairs- smart cookie! He just goes away for awhile until she forgets about it. They may decide they kind of like each other! I think they've already started to figure out each others' quirks (except she seems to have more than he does!)


Stay warm- I'm off to cuddle with my puppies!


Laredo was fostered in Clive, IA.


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