Shadow - Adopted 3/05/03

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Shadow is a wonderful 8 year old Tri Color female collie that is fully vetted, spayed, and housetrained.


She is a larger collie (taller), and about 10 lbs overweight.  Otherwise, she looks healthy, is very well adjusted, and basically your typical happy home collie.  Her vet records suggest good health as well.

Shadow is used to living in a multiple dog household, loves people, and doesn't react to the cats.


She prances around like a lady - very delicate and soft.  She knows many commands as well and has been through obedience classes.


Latest updates:



Good Morning!


On this beautiful, crisp sunny morning in northern Minnesota, Shadow greeted the day with a romp in the meadow with her three new sisters ~ Nellie, Abby and Jessica!!


With the bright sun, filtering through the trees, this playful quartet began their workday with what collies (and 1 black lab) do best - PLAY!! Running at full speed, stretching out in long strides, they raced around until they discovered twigs and sticks randomly scattered in the snow. Once Abby grabbed a huge stick, the game changed and suddenly all four girls were playing " grab the stick" game! After a little discussion, Abby, the one in charge of us all, decided to let the new "girl" win the game. As Shadow happily trotted off ~ the WINNER ~ with a tiny piece of what was left of that huge stick, she pranced all around, wagging her tail, high in the air.


"What do you mean, time to go in! I have only just begun to explore! But then maybe a little breakfast would taste good about now," is what I am sure Shadow was thinking.


So following breakfast, and after a little begging on their part, the "girls" again went outside, this time taking a leisurely stroll around the yard, as Jessica led the way. She wasted no time in showing Shadow the well traveled deer paths, but best of all ~ Nellie didn't want her to miss those squirrel trails!


Now they are back inside, all four supposedly taking a short nap, seemingly to fall asleep to the sounds of soft classical music. I am thinking, however, that all of those twitching ears are a sign, that none of them are really sleeping.


So began SHADOW'S first day with her new family, in her FOREVER HOME, here on Glacier Ridge, in northern Minnesota.


Thanks so much to all of you, who have worked so hard to help us bring Shadow home. And collie hugs and kisses to Kim ~ from SHADOW and JESSICA!!



Shadow was fostered in Onalaska, WI.


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