Keelin This Collie has Special Needs   Adopted!!




  Keelin was born 7/13/03, however, she was born mostly blind.

  At about 4 1/2 months old, she is a very active
Collie puppy.  Keelin has been with us about 5 weeks and is making a lot of
progress.  There are times that you can tell her vision is impaired--the way
she tilts her head, sometimes balks at steps and doorways, and loses a kitty
in a chase (the kitty goes up!).  Her appointment with the ophthalmologist is
Dec. 6 to determine the extent of her disability.
  Keelin lives with 5 other dogs and 3 kitties.  She has quickly learned how
to get along with each of the dogs.  She has been so good for my 13 1/2yo
Collie April.  April helps Keelin to be more confident when walking and
sniffing around.  And Keelin has gotten April romping and playing again. 
She is still learning not to chase and get rough with the kitties.
  I use a harness on Keelin and she is doing well walking on the leash.  She
is also learning some  commands and I'm sure she understands no!  There have
been no accidents in the house or her crate.  She tolerates the crate very
well.  It's been a week since Keelin's spay surgery and she is recovering
  Despite her disability, Keelin is a very happy, playful, smart, fluffy and
beautiful Collie puppy.

Keelin is being fostered in South Dakota.