10 year old sable rough female








Bio for Bonnie

Bonnie is a large rough dark sable/mahogany female about 9-10 years 
old.She gets along well with children of all ages, especially loves the 
10-12year olds. Because Bonnie does not readily accept other dogs either closeto her or playing with toys,she can get very feisty in such situations anddoes not back down. She needs to be placed as the only dog in a loving family with time to give her personal attention. There are no cats here but Bonnie's fixation on our pet rabbit would indicate she may not get on withcats either.

Bonnie eats well, a little picky on new things like apple or carrot. 
In fact, she eats too well and came here at 80 lbs. We are in the process of getting her down to about 70-72 lbs. Weight reduction program must continue as she is slightly weak in the hindquarters and needs to take the  strain off her hips. She is house trained, reasonably obedience trained, rides well in the car. She is sensitive to vacuums, brooms, anything 'stick' like (walks away from them slightly cowering.)

Bonnie is bright, alert, happy-tailed with all her people. She is used 
to country living so a big yard or farm would be great. Highly recommend a fenced area so she can amble about safely. One of her real joys  nowadays is staking out the most comfortable couch for herself.

The preliminary veterinary checkup suggested she has a heart murmur.
Subsequent vet checks did not confirm that but it is an item that 
should be monitored. She is on a regimen of DES for urinary control. (Typical in an older spayed female.)

Bonnie is being fostered in the Madison area