Josephine Should not be with other dogs Not good with Small Children


7-8 year old sable rough female













Josie, aka Josephine, is a sweet 8-year old sable rough Collie girl with a distinct personality.  Josie is soft and huggable, and she craves human companionship, understandable since she was found as a stray and her owners did not reclaim her.  She was a favorite at the shelter, where she showed that she knew all the basic commands, and—sometimes!—would even roll over when asked to do so.  Josie likes tummy rubs and will do tricks for treats. 


Josie is a people dog, that is, she likes to be with people and do what people do—go for walks, ride in the car, and play with children.  She is tolerant with children unless they get too rowdy, but she doesn’t quite have the energy to keep up with young children, as hard as she tries.  Since Josie needs love and attention, she tends to be “jealous” when another dog gets attention, too.  She might do best as an only dog, or with another dog that is not dominant.  She tolerates other dogs less well when she is on a leash.  She would prefer a relatively calm household, and she needs a fenced yard, since she is a squirrel, rabbit, bird, and bike chaser.


            Josie came to her foster home about twenty pounds overweight, but she has already lost ten of those pounds.  She sometimes begs for table scraps, apparently having been fed from the table in her previous life.  She is a slow eater because of the condition of her teeth, so she needs her diet dog food left out for her during the day.  Josie does not see well in the dark, but she handles stairs and getting into the car just fine.  She is still learning about walking quietly on the leash—she is distracted by busy traffic. 


Josie is a responsive and lovable girl who will do well in a relatively quiet home with a tall fence around the yard.  She is completely accustomed to being a house Collie and is very well behaved.  Josie is an angel!


Josie is being fostered in Cedar Rapids IA.