Lucy Adopted


18 moth old female


SF (single, sable, female) seeks a loving, long term commitment.
Lucy - 18mos old, petite sable and white female.  Lucy is a loving collie that gets along well with other dogs. She is still a puppy, loves to play and wrestle with her foster brothers. 

When it is time to wind down, she will stay right near her human waiting to snuggle up

for the evening.  Lucy is looking for a forever home that will provide her with security and stability. (along with love ;)
Lucy came to MWCR from a shelter situation.   Her previous owner(s) gave Lucy to a shelter - along with a litter of her 8 puppies (see our Almost Collies page).  Lucy has been through many changes lately, she is doing well in spite of her recent life's upset. 
With having a litter of puppies, she has blown out all of her undercoat. She is a small collie and a bit underweight.  In time, her coat and weight will improve. 
Lucy would do best in a home with another dog.  She loves to play and has the energy of a puppy, with all the perks of an older collie - she is housebroken. She is a smart girl, learns fast, eager to please.

We are working on leash training, it is doubtful that she has ever been on a leash until now.  She is doing well.  (it helps that she knows how to 'sit'). 

Lucy loves my children and is good with them.  She can become overwhelming to a smaller child, however, as she wants to puppy play and is mouthy.  We would only place Lucy with older children, because of this fact. Also, we recommend that Lucy be placed in a home with a fenced yard, due to her need to feel safe and secure.
Lucy is very adoptable, and will be a wonderful companion to almost anyone. We would recommend obedience classes for Lucy and her new family - not only to learn 'commands' but for the purpose of bonding to make her feel secure. 


Lucy will fall hard for her new family and deserves the commitment of forever ;) 

Lucy is fostered in Onalaska, WI