Sammie Adoption Pending!!


 3 year old white female 


What a little dolly of a collie!!  Sammy is a petite, three year old, collie girl with a white body and sable head.  She is only 21 inches tall at the shoulder and weighs 50 pounds.  She was born with a shortened lower jaw which results in an overbite, and has an unusual nose.  Her nose, coupled with her small stature and white coat, gives her the appearance of a little lamb.  Her overbite doesn't prevent her from eating or drinking normally, though she can be a little sloppy when drinking her water, and her foster mom adds a little plain yogurt to her dry food to make it easier for her to scoop it up. Sammie was treated for Lymes disease by her prior owner.
Not only does Sammy look like a little lamb, she is as gentle as one; she loves everyone and is wonderful with children.  She really enjoys going for a walk and behaves beautifully on her leash.  After a day of frolicking with her collie, foster brother, Sammy likes nothing better than to join the family on the couch for a snuggle or flip upside down to get her belly rubbed.  Unlike many collies, Sammy is extremely quiet and almost never barks.  If you have neighbors who are easily bothered by a barking dog, Sammy would be perfect for you.
This quiet, gentle, little lamb has now been spayed and will be ready for a loving, forever home as soon as she recovers from that surgery.  Her ideal home would include a fenced yard and children or another dog to play with.  Without a fence, Sammy's small size and quiet ways, could enable her to slip away and wander off.   Most importantly, she is looking for a family of her own that will return all the love she has to give.
Sammy is being fostered in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.