1-year-old sable female

New to Rescue!

Colleen is a one year old sable and white with a star on her forehead and long white gloves on her forepaws.   She was born sometime in May 2004.  She has not yet been spayed, but will be soon.

Colleen found her way into MWCR when her owner became homeless due to mental illness.  The owner's caseworker worked very hard to find MWCR so that Colleen could find a new family to love her.  She had spent all of her days outside, and was allowed inside only at night, and then into a basement.

Colleen arrived in her foster home a nervous, fly-bitten girl.  She got to go see a nice vet who gave her some pills and some salve for the bites on her ears.  After only a week, her fly-bitten ears and her coat are looking so much better than when she arrived!

Colleen is an intelligent, sweet, lively girl. She has a wonderful disposition, she loves people (including children), dogs AND cats (she likes to lick our little gray cat).  Believe it or not, despite having spent her days outside in the past, she is completely housebroken.  We're working on basic commands--she is making great progress (she LOVES liver treats).  She is doing well at coming when called, although she sometimes finds something more interesting to do.

Colleen loves to play.  She especially likes rubber squeaky toys.  Her latest game is to grab a toy and tempt her foster-sibling goldens to come and get her.  They, of course, take the bait.  Colleen also LOVES to play catch.  She is really really good at it, too.  Foster-brother collie Mac tells her it's not becoming, but she doesn't care (Mac isn't the best catcher in the world).

If you're looking for a Collie to love and one that will love you right back, if you are not afraid to provide a energetic young girl with some exercise everyday and a bed next to yours to sleep in, if you are willing to teach a highly trainable dog a few new tricks, Colleen might be the dog for you.

Colleen is being fostered in Cedar Raipds, IA