Lollie is a tri color, 9 year old female




Lollie with Dart, her 6 year old son





Lollie, a 9-year-old female Tri-Color Rough Collie, is a Collie grande dame: majestic, calm, laid-back, and well-behaved. At home, she has a healthy curiosity about things, and she loves to go for sedate, casual walks--no jogging for this lady Collie! She is not a barky dog, she walks well on the leash, she LOVES to be groomed, petted, and massaged, and she enjoys being a couch Collie. She does not counter surf or get into the garbage, and she responds well to commands.

Lollie gets along well with kids and other dogs, and she is attracted to and likes cats. She has made trips to the local nursing home near where she is fostered, and she's very good with the people in the nursing home--she has no problems with wheelchairs and other nursing home equipment, and she is very gentle around the residents. Although Lollie has spent most of her life with her 6-year-old son Dart, she can be placed as an only dog, or she would enjoy the company of another laid-back dog like herself. Someone who would like an older, calmer Collie will find a wonderful companion in Lollie.

Lollie is being fostered near Big Fork MN.