10-year-old tricolor femaleSpecial Medical Needs

New to Rescue!

Gentle, loving Sally is 10 year old tri-colored sweetie. Coming from a loving home where she was given care, attention and affection, Sally is an even-tempered girl who will settle in nicely with her new family. She enjoys attention from any person willing to pet her, and gets along very well with dogs, kids, and cats. Even the zoomies of a resident collie youngster don't seem to bother Sally. Getting her thick coat brushed is a favorite treat, thoroughly enjoyed! Sally knows her manners very well in the house, stays close to the house when outdoors, and comes when she is called. She is also a perfect lady while on a leash.

When Sally was a puppy she broke her hip and had surgery. She has since developed arthritis and needs medication to help with the pain and inflammation. She favors her "good" leg.  Long walks are out, but she certainly enjoys a little exercise in the back yard. Sally can move up and down stairs, but with some difficulty.

It was reported that Sally is afraid of loud noises, such as thunderstorms, and was previously medicated to keep her calm. Her foster family has not seen any anxiety as of yet, but have also only seen Sally's reactions during one minor storm. Other household noises such as the vacuum, or kids yelling, don't seem to bother her at all.

This special senior is a gem who will happily and gratefully give pure love, companionship and joy to her new family.

Sally is being fostered in Cottage Grove, WI.