10-year-old mahogany sable female

New to Rescue!

Poor little Dori! Life has not been easy for this sweet girl and it just got a lot harder.

Dori was owned by a breeder and lived her entire life in a kennel producing puppies. It wasn’t a happy life, but it was the only life she knew. Then, her owner died of cancer and she was suddenly homeless. The problem is, at ten years old, Dori is finding the transition to a new way of life a little overwhelming. She was never housetrained and is having a very hard time learning. She may need to find a home where she can primarily be a outdoor dog.

Dori is a gentle, loving soul who needs a place that can accommodate her “potty” issues while providing her with the love and affection of a real home. After ten years in a kennel, this sweet girl deserves a chance to spend her golden years in a loving, nurturing environment.

Dori is being fostered in DeForest, WI (near Madison).