Jack II


1-year-old blue merle male  Not good with Small ChildrenShould not be around Cats

Post-Adoption Update on Jackie Blue!

Jackie lives with a family near Madison WI, where he gets to go to the dog park often. He adores going to the dog park to greet every dog he meets and run off some of his exuberance. He likes being there so much that he plays with any group he finds until his mom calls him back to her. He has a Collie brother with whom he gets along famously. Heís still a bit of a chewer, but he says heís going to grow out of that stage soon. Heís such an affectionate and gorgeous boy that heís won over everyone heís met around his new home.

Update Ė September 23, 2006!

Hi folks! Iím Jack.

Iíve had lots of interesting things happen to me since coming to MWCR, so I thought Iíd bring you up to date. First, I moved to a new foster home. I loved my first foster home, but there were some very little kids there. I liked to play with them, but Iím so big and they were so small that sometimes I knocked them over and scared them. I didnít mean to, but I guess I would be better with older kids who wouldnít get hurt by my rough and tumble style of place. Anyway, Iím now at a new foster home in Marshall, Minnesota.

They love me here and my new foster mom says Iím a very good boy. I get along well with the other dogs, and we have lots of fun running and playing together. They donít have any cats here, so Iím not sure how I would get along with them. It might be like it was with little kids, because cats are pretty little too. I like to go for walks and meet new people and other dogs. Iím always very friendly with them and like to invite them to play with me. My foster mom says I probably donít need a fence at my forever home, because I always stay close to home when Iím outside, and I come when Iím called. Of course I would need regular walks and maybe some time at the dog park, because I have lots of energy.

I went on a road trip recently with my foster mom and another lady, and I did real well. The other lady thought I was so beautiful Ė much better looking than my pictures. She was nice, but she didnít seem to understand that the front seat next to foster mom is MINE. She sat there for the whole trip and even when I tried to give her a hint by sitting in her lap, she just didnít get it. Some people!

Well thatís about all. Oh wait. I almost forgot to tell you that I got neutered recently. Actually, Iím trying to forget the whole thing, since it was no fun at all; but foster mom said it had to be done and that I was very brave. So true.

I am ready now for my forever home. Iím hoping for someone who will love me lots and take me for walks and trips to the dog park. Another doggie friend would be nice or maybe some big kids who would like to play with me. And one more thing, I am looking for someone who understands that the front seat is MINE.


P.S. I still like soft things and sometimes when the other dogs arenít around, I rearrange our dog beds and rub them and play with them and talk to them. Foster mom says Iím more entertaining than television!

New to Rescue!

Everyone likes the soft life, but some like it more than others. Jack is one of those. He loves his soft blanket and pillow so much that he TALKS to them. Whenever he is near a nice, fluffy pillow or blanket, he will bury his face in it and mumble as if to say how happy he is to see it and how much he loves snuggling up on it. His foster family may need to rename him ďThe Blanket Whisperer.Ē

But when Jack isnít conversing with his blanket, he can usually be found running and playing. At just one year old, he is still very much a puppy and has all the puppy energy you could ask for. He loves to chase any squirrels or bunnies that wander into his yard, and would probably chase cars, motorcycles and bikes if given a chance. For this reason, he will need a home with a fence. He gets along pretty well with the other dogs at his foster home, but his desire for non-stop play makes him something of a nuisance to his older, more sedate, foster siblings. His foster family has young children and though Jack loves the children, his rough-and-tumble behavior is a little too much for them. He would probably do best in a forever home that includes older children (twelve or older) who wonít be knocked down by a bouncy, playful pup. Cats, other small pets, and even small dogs are definitely at risk with Jack since he has a strong herding instinct.

Jack is a handsome, blue merle boy who was originally found as a stray and then surrendered to MWCR. His coat is a little thin and dry due to his recent experience with homelessness, but it should fill out beautifully once he has gained a little weight and has a chance to enjoy lots of healthy food. He is highly food-motivated and food treats can be used very effectively when teaching Jack commands. Unfortunately, food also motivates him to do some counter surfing whenever someone leaves a tasty snack within reach.

Jack is house trained and walks quite well on a leash, though he does have a tendency to pull. His foster family does crate him, but though Jack tolerates it, he doesnít like it much. He is fairly quiet (for a collie), but he will bark when he is trying to induce one of his humans or foster siblings to come and play with him. He also rides well in the car.

Jack is a sweet, friendly boy who loves to be with people. When he is not playing, he likes to sit as close as possible to his family Ė if there is not enough room on the couch, then he is happy to just sit on the people. (Who says collies are too big to be lap dogs)!! He is extremely smart, but his youth and his energy sometimes get in the way of his obedience. He is looking for a forever home that will continue to work with him to channel that energy and intelligence and help him to become a well mannered adult. Ideally, he would be happiest as an only dog or with another large, playful, canine companion. If you are looking for a playful, energetic collie companion with lots of love to give, Jack is the collie for you.

Jack is being fostered in Marshall, MN.