3-year-old sable and white male Must have a Fenced YardNot good with Small Children

Meet Binky – the Intimidator!

New to Rescue!

Although his name is Ralph, you can just call him “old blue eyes” because Frank Sinatra and Paul Newman have nothing on this guy! He is truly one of the most handsome collies we have ever seen, with a gorgeous, full coat and stunning markings. He is almost four years old, 75 pounds, neutered and fully up to date on his vaccinations. But Ralph is more than just a pretty face: he is also a sweet-natured, affectionate boy who loves to follow his foster mom from room to room, just to be near her.

Ralph knows a variety of commands including “sit,” “down,” “heel” and “kennel.” He likes his crate and spends the day there when his foster family is at work. He likes to go for walks and is very good on a leash, although he does get excited when he sees motorcycles or cars approaching. Given the opportunity, Ralph would chase cars and other vehicles, and for this reason, he will definitely need a forever home that is fenced. He won’t tolerate a tie out.

Ralph likes children but tends to get over-excited and mouthy when he plays, so he will do best in a home that doesn’t include young children. It took him awhile to acclimate to the other dogs at his foster home and there was quite a bit of posturing and growling until the pack order was established, but he now gets along fine. He is highly food aggressive, however, so if his forever home includes other dogs, he will need to be fed separately. He has developed an interesting relationship with the cats at his foster home. He doesn’t chase them and doesn’t pay much attention to them unless they approach his kennel when he is eating there; then he growls. He is, however, highly intimidated by the smallest kitty in the household, Binky. Binky clearly has Ralph’s number, and if he is lying in Ralph’s path, Ralph will wait until Binky has moved to continue his walk. In general, Ralph will probably be fine with cats as long as they are “dog savvy.”

Ralph is well mannered in the house and doesn’t try to climb on the furniture. He sleeps on the floor near his foster mom’s bed at night. He loves to go for car rides and enjoys grooming and a good belly rub. In fact, Ralph sometimes enjoys belly rubs a little too much. His foster mom reports that occasionally he will get over-excited during a belly rub and shows his excitement with a playful nip.

Ralph was originally a farm dog and he has retained his love of the outdoors. He loves to take in the sights and sounds, while lying on his “outdoor” pillow, and he will chase squirrels and bunnies if they make the mistake of coming into his yard. His foster family is working with him on his housetraining and he is learning how to let them know when he needs to go outside.

This handsome boy is ready for his perfect, forever home. He loves everyone he meets, but is particularly fond of men. Children twelve or older will find Ralph to be a great playmate and companion, and dog savvy cats can consult with Binky to learn how to put Ralph in his place.

Ralph is being fostered in St. Francis, WI.