7-year-old liver-colored maleThis Collie has Special Needs

Update, September 15, 2006

Hi folks! Rex here.

My foster mom said it would be okay for me to say a few words to all those potential adopters out there. I have been reading my bio (oh yes, I can read!) and I don’t really think it gives the whole picture about me.

First of all, I am tired of being compared with “regular” Collies. I am Rex (that means King, you know) and I am unique. I have a rich, dark brown coat with reddish highlights. No “regular” Collie can say that. My coat is very soft which makes it a pleasure to brush me. And I don’t have some of those pesky Collie traits, like herding cars and barking at everything that moves. I am calm and quiet.

Second, I am very loving and well mannered. I have tried to teach good manners to the other dogs at my foster home, but I have had only limited success. They like to bark and jump on the furniture and even pester the cats. I keep telling them, “Cats are people too,” but they won’t listen. If you have cats, you can be assured that I will treat them with respect. Also, I won’t jump on the furniture unless I am invited. As for barking, I am not like a “regular” Collie. Most of the time, I am quiet as a mouse!

Lastly, I want to address this health thing. Okay, I do have to take some medicine every day, but my foster mom puts it in some canned dog food and I gobble it right up. As long as I take my medicine, I feel great. I know some people are worried that I will not be a normal, happy, playful dog because of my medical issues, but my foster mom will tell you that I am just like the other dogs (only better behaved). If you talk to her, she can tell you all about me, and then you won’t be worried any more.

My foster home is great and I love my foster family (even those noisy Collies), but I would like to have a forever home of my very own. I know I’m not perfect, but then who is? I promise that if you give me a chance, you will love me. That’s because I will love you with my whole heart, forever.

Thanks for listening.

New to Rescue!

Okay. We’re going to be up front here and admit that Rex isn’t a pure bred collie. In fact, the collie in him is probably mostly border collie. But if what’s in your heart is more important than what’s on your pedigree, then Rex is a Grand Champion, and here at MWCR he is an honorary collie.

Rex just celebrated his seventh birthday; he is neutered and weighs 45 pounds. Rex’s foster mom describes him as the perfect houseguest and the perfect foster dog. In fact, she is hoping that his calm nature and good manners will rub off on some of the permanent residents there. He is fully housetrained, walks well on a leash, and knows the basic commands. He is fine with indoor cats and is submissive and non confrontational with the other dogs. His foster home allows the dogs to sit on the furniture, but if asked to get down, Rex is very agreeable. He likes to ride in the car and travels well. Initially, he was crated when his family was out of the house, but he has proven to be so well behaved, that the crating has become unnecessary.

Rex has epilepsy which is fully controlled by an inexpensive medication (potassium bromide) that his foster mom gives to him hidden in a yummy bite of canned dog food. He also has Addison’s and his foster family is working with the vet to get his medication adjusted to control that condition. The medication for Addison’s can be obtained at a compounding pharmacy for a good price. Other than his daily medication, Rex’s condition only requires periodic lab work and an attentive family to make sure that his appetite and behavior are normal.

Rex loves men, women and children. He likes nothing better than to just hang out with his people. He will roll over for belly rubs and loves to please his people. Unlike many collies, Rex is a very quiet dog, and his foster mom has only heard him bark a few times in the two weeks he has been with her. He enjoys his toys, but really prefers people and other dogs. In fact, he gets along so well with the other dogs and kitties at his foster home, that his foster mom thinks his ideal forever home should include another dog.

Rex is a gentle, loving, delightful dog. Don’t let his medical needs scare you off! In spite of his medical condition, he is extremely easy to care for and will reward his forever family with a lifetime of loyalty and love.

Rex is being fostered in Watertown, SD.