Sadie, the Collie formerly known as Kirby


3-4-year-old sable and white female Must have a Fenced Yard

Update, May 11, 2006!

Sadie came to MWCR from a Humane Society in South Dakota where she was taken after having been picked up as a stray. She spent three weeks in the shelter before coming to a foster home with MWCR, and was a very sad and confused collie when she arrived. She was also underweight from her time as a stray and her coat was in poor condition. In spite of everything, Sadie was hungry for love. She clung to her foster mom and obviously realized that she was finally in a safe, caring place.

Now, after several weeks in her foster home, Sadie is starting to recover her health and come out of her shell. She is on a healthy diet to help her put on some weight and regain the luster in her coat. She has been micro chipped (so she will never be lost again) and has received a clean bill of health from the vet. She has also had a trip to the groomer, who praised Sadie as an exceptionally gentle and good natured girl.

Although the details of Sadie’s former life will always remain a mystery, her foster family believes that she was probably an outdoor dog, since she was unfamiliar with stairs and is still frightened by various “indoor” noises such as a vacuum cleaner or the TV. Sadie had a few wetting accidents when she first arrived at her foster home, but since then she has shown herself to be fully house trained. Her adoptive family will need to watch her closely during the transition period and until she learns the routine of her new home. She is estimated to be about four to five years old, and though she was probably not abused in her former home, she definitely did not receive the love and attention that she craves.

As Sadie’s personality continues to immerge, it is obvious that this is one very gentle and loving collie. She is playful with the other dog at her foster home and is also good with cats. When she was exposed to children (ages five and ten) she was very calm and gentle with them. She is an extremely loyal girl and follows her foster mom everywhere. When her foster mom is in the fenced garden, Sadie waits outside the fence for her and nothing (not even the playful enticement of the family’s other collie) can lure her away. She loves to sit with her head in her mom’s lap and will stay there for hours, just waiting for an affectionate pat or an ear scratch.

Sadie is looking for a forever home where someone will be with her most of the day. She will also need a fenced yard, since she tends to wander while outdoors. After her lonely ordeal as a stray, Sadie needs the consistent love and patient attention that her gentle soul craves. In return, she will provide her family with lots of affection and unfailing loyalty.

New to Rescue!

Kirby is an approximately 3-5 year old sable female, new to rescue. She and her foster mom are still in the "getting to know each other" stage, but we'd like to introduce this girl to everybody in the meantime.

With a name of Kirby, given to her by the shelter she had resided in before being brought into rescue, it was assumed that she was a boy, until the groomer started working on her and discovered that he was, indeed, a she! Kirby did extremely well at the groomer’s, and appears to be a very calm and gentle girl. She likes to be petted, likes long walks, and will need a fenced yard as she has already managed to visit a neighbor's yard to visit the resident dog there!

Kirby has interacted wonderfully with other dogs, and also around cats, according to the shelter she was in. She has not interacted with any children as of yet that her foster mom has observed.

Stairs scare Kirby, she may not have ever seen them before, so it will take a little bit of doggie education to reassure her that they are not something to be afraid of.

We will have more information on Kirby once she gets settled in to her new life in foster care! Stay tuned for updates......

Kirby is currently being fostered in Brookings, S.D.