7-year-old male collieNot good with Small Children

Tafer (left) with Alex

Post Adoption Update & Photos!

It's official! Tafer is a permanent member of our family! His old picture has moved from the website's Adoption Pending to the 28th collie adopted in 05-06. I've attached new pictures (have to show off this 7-yr-old baby – the top two pictures at left). He still is very shy and nervous around others and has to be coaxed to take walks out of the yard (!), but he seems to have learned to trust us and every day seems to get a bit more comfortable with the world (thanks to Linda and Carol for their help!).

New to Rescue!

Tafer is a handsome, seven year old (DOB: 1/26/99), neutered, collie boy. He is up to date on his vaccinations and is a healthy guy who had hip surgery as a puppy to prevent any future problems. After his surgery, Tafer became convinced that he couldn’t jump and now, though he has normal mobility, he never jumps up on beds or furniture.

Tafer is a well behaved boy who is housebroken and walks very nicely on a leash (he prefers a harness to a collar). He is non-destructive both in the house and outside and has never attempted to jump the fence or escape from his yard. He doesn’t jump on people either, unless they are singing or dancing in which case he wants to “dance” and “sing” along! In general, Tafer is not a barker, though he does bark when he gets excited or when something frightens or upsets him.

Tafer is a homebody, whose greatest joy is hanging out with his people, being petted, having his ears scratched, or getting a much loved fluffy-butt rub. Often he will lie with his head on his mom’s feet and look up at her with his “I love you” eyes. He is apprehensive of strangers – particularly men – and really prefers being with his family to meeting new people. Unfamiliar situations frighten Tafer and make him nervous.

Although Tafer currently lives with another collie and two, young children, his ideal, forever home would not include young kids or other dogs: that way he could have ALL the love and attention. If you are ready for this playful, affectionate boy, Tafer is ready to make his “I love you” eyes for you.

Tafer is being fostered in St. Paul, MN.