Lady, formerly known as Angel


4-year-old mahogany sable and white female

New to Rescue!

Hello everyone! My name is Lady (formerly known as Angel). I am what MWCR calls a success story. They have lots of success stories, but you will forgive me if I think that mine is pretty special. I came from a home that loved me so much that they knew letting me go would be the best thing for me. You see, they had lots of dogs and a busy lifestyle that did not allow enough time for all of us. There were a few disagreements between me and the other dogs that resulted in me getting some scars on my face. They just couldn’t understand that a lady needs her space and doesn’t always like to share her toys and food and bed. All I wanted was a little peace and quiet: a place of my own. It wasn’t working out. I was scared and knew that it was time for me to move on – even though I didn’t know for sure where I was going.

Then one day, a lovely lady came and brought me to my foster home. I immediately claimed a spot in the house that became my “safe place.” Foster mom could tell that I didn’t like a crate, so she set up baby gates to give me my own private place. Ahhhh, space. During the time I was at my foster home, I got along well enough with the other dogs there, though I wasn’t much interested in playing with them. I did love to chase the cats, but it upset foster mom so much that I agreed to leave them alone. I loved going outside, having my personal space and getting all the attention I deserved.

While I was at my foster home, I gained the emotional strength and self confidence to become the happy collie that I had always wanted to be. My foster family helped me to do that, but while I was there, I helped them too. They had a senior collie that was part of their forever family whose spine was deteriorating and who could no longer walk. It was time for him to cross the rainbow bridge, so I promised him that I would help his family get through it. They were very sad. I understand what it is like to be sad, so I was able to help them through their mourning.

Then it was time for me to move on again. Foster mom set up a meeting between me and a wonderful family who wanted to adopt me. Before the meeting, she took me for a spa day, so I would look particularly beautiful. I was irresistible! Of course they wanted to adopt me. I was amazed at the fabulous new home I had. There were acres of land for me to run and play, and best of all, I was the only dog. I was in collie paradise! I had a new home, a new bed, new dishes, new humans to care for and even a new name. I am now called Lady.

That’s my success story. Pretty special, huh?! Thanks to foster mom and to MWCR for giving me my happy ending.

Paws, peace and love,