#2355 –Doogie


10-year-old tricolor male  Not good with Small ChildrenMust have a Fenced Yard

Post-Adoption Update, August 22, 2007

Hi Patty, it's me, Doogie. I just thought I would drop you a line and let you know how my first week is going at my new home. Well let me tell you it it doesn't get much better than this. Joe said "He can't believe that anyone would give up a great dog like me" And I'm thinking that's exactly what I've been saying these last few months. Now don't get me wrong, life with you was really good but it was only temporary and I needed a permanent home. After all, I'm not getting any younger.

  My new home has lots of room and a big back yard to play in. It also has a fence all around it so I can't wander off. This is good since as you know that's what got me into that mess in the first place. I've got Chris and Joe trained already. They understand that when I bark in their face I need to go out. They picked this up pretty quick. I almost forgot there is another person in this house named Kelli. I think she is Chris and Joe's grown up daughter. Anyway she does this thing behind both of my ears at the same time, well I tell you it's to die for! I could and would let her do that all day long.

  I've been to the Doctor already and he said I had a little bacterial infection and that's why my poop was runny, but its no big deal. He gave Chris some pills for me to take and I'll be fine. He said I had a cracked tooth that we will have to keep an eye on in case it gets infected. If it does, he will put me under and take it out. He also said that at the same time he could remove something else. If he means what I think he means, I'll be keeping a real keen eye on that tooth. There is another dog who lives here and she has been here since she was a pup and she told me it's a great place to live and I believe her. She is different from me. I think she said she was a great pair of knees?? She is all white and we look good together when we take Chris on her daily walk. Since this Kelli person works at night and Chris works at home most of the time, Bailey [that's the other dog] and I are not alone very much, although we both need our rest. i e we nap alot.

  Well not much more to tell you. Joe said we can send some pictures of me and Bailey soon. Thanks for all you did for me and finding me a new home. You will always be in my thoughts.

Love always,

New to Rescue!

It is no fun finding yourself homeless in what are supposed to be your “golden years.” But that is exactly what happened to Doogie. His family moved away and left him with neighbors who then abandoned him. When he was finally rescued, he was miles away from his original home and covered with over 400 ticks!

But Doogie’s luck changed when he came to MWCR. This handsome, ten year old boy is now happy, well cared for and tick free. He is an affectionate, cheerful guy who is friendly, obedient and agile. He knows all the basic commands, is perfectly housebroken, and can be left alone for extended periods without any problems. Doogie loves to go for walks and is great on a leash. He also likes to go for car rides and has no problem jumping in and out of a vehicle if it isn’t too high.

Doogie likes everyone: cats, other dogs, men and women. He enjoys meeting new people and loves attention and petting.

Doogie is looking for a loving, forever home where he can retire and enjoy his golden years. He is a very healthy, perky boy who will make a wonderful companion to a single person or a couple. Ideally he would like a fenced yard, since he sometimes wanders off, and he can become a little too protective if he is left tied out. For this reason, it would be better if Doogie’s forever family did not include children.

Doogie has a big heart and although he is no longer a puppy, he still has lots of love to give.

Doogie is being fostered in Duluth, MN.