#2442 Ė Laddie

Status:   Regaining Health

Status: Regaining Health
Type: Sable and white
Age: 5 years
Gender: Male
Spayed/Neutered: Yes
Good with children: Too energetic for young kids
Good with cats: Yes
House broken: Yes
Foster Location: Onalaska, WI
Special needs: Needs fence; seeks companion of canine persuasion.
Adoption requirements:
Available for adoption with an application & home visit. Don't hesitate to complete our adoption application form
Adoption Fee: Click here for fee
Description: Laddie has been doing well in his foster home where he is gradually learning to feel secure. When he first arrived, almost everything in his environment frightened him. This poor boy has obviously had a very limited life experience and is puzzled and frightened by new things. However, given a patient and loving environment, he settles right in. His foster mom believes that having another doggie companion helps Laddie feel more confident.

Laddie is a sweet boy who has been well mannered and respectful of the cats and other dogs in his foster home. He usually pays little attention to the cats, but he is quite protective of his food bowl and the cats quickly learned to steer clear of it. Laddie has a strong herding drive and loves to chase after the young boys in his foster family. They all enjoy this rough and tumble style of play, but very young children might be intimidated by it.

When Laddie first arrived at MWCR, he was suffering from an itchy skin condition that seems to be improving now that he is eating a special dog food. His foster mom will have this checked out with the vet when Laddie gets his vaccinations updated, but in the meantime, the itching appears to have lessened and the fur is growing back in the areas where it had been scratched away.

Laddie is fully housetrained, and although he hasnít been left alone for prolonged periods of time, he has shown no destructive behavior. He loves people of all ages and particularly likes to have little chats with them. He is a good listener, but is also willing to hold up his end of the conversation. When he is outdoors, Laddie likes to announce his presence to the world and is quite a talker!

Laddie is a sweet, loving boy who is looking for a forever home that will be patient with him while he adjusts to a new living situation. He would love to have another doggie companion to help bolster his confidence and would be tolerant of cats as long as they showed the proper respect for his food dish. He is good with children and would really enjoy a yard where he and the children could play together. His strong herding instinct and his inclination to chase everything from squirrels to garbage trucks make it mandatory that his forever home should include a fence. In return, Laddie will offer his new family a mountain of loyalty and unconditional love!