#2357 Ė Maybellene


5-year-old sable and white female

Maybellene, with her new brother Parker!

New to Rescue!

Hello everyone:

My name is Mabel, or Mabeline, as my foster mom likes to call me. I am a 5 year old, spayed sable female, recently surrendered by my owners when ďdadĒ became ill and they had to move away. They were terribly sad to have to give me up because they know what a smart, good girl I am.

Like the princess I am, I behave perfectly traveling in vehicles but need help sometimes getting in and out. Iím really afraid of stairs and getting into cars reminds me of them. Recently though I was brave enough to jump out by myself when I went to the groomers, and really surprised my foster mom when I came upstairs without her having to coax me!! Iím so brave. :)

I love going for walks and showing off how good I am on the leash and donít worry if you have to leave me for awhile, I am perfectly toilet trained and wonít get into mischief. You probably should move the garbage cans though, because I really like checking out the garbage. Garbage surfing got me into problems with pancreatitis so my diet is watched now. Thatís OK though I like the dog food Iím on and am a good eater.

Iím looking for a nice home that could have kids, dogs, cats or anything else that might live there. I like everybody. I donít even necessarily need a fenced yard.

Mabel is being fostered in Duluth, MN.