#2455 – Laddie, FKA Ozzie


8-year-old mahogany sable and white male 

What a difference a year makes!

New to Rescue!

Although he lived most of his life outdoors, Ozzie quickly and eagerly adapted to the indoor lifestyle. Now, when he goes outside for a “call of nature,” he sniffs around a little and then hurries back inside to a warm fire, a tasty chew bone and lots of belly rubs. He is perfectly trustworthy in the house and his family can leave him unattended without any concerns. Ozzie, however, would prefer to never be left alone. He loves being with people and cheerfully follows both mom and dad everywhere they go. He is currently trying to decide which of them is his favorite; so far, he thinks it is BOTH. He will never be much of a watchdog, since he greets all visitors with a smile and a wagging tail.

Ozzie gets along well with his canine brother, Bailey, and even woke his mom up once when Bailey was having a seizure in another room. He is also fond of the cat, and though he usually limits himself to just watching her, he sometimes shows his enthusiasm by chasing her down the hall.

Ozzie loves to play fetch and will happily retrieve his own toys or even the cat’s “baby.” Snow is another source of amusement for Ozzie, and the neighbor children have a great time throwing snowballs for him to jump up and catch. He is learning to “sit” and “lie down” on command, and he gets very excited when he sees the leash come out, because he knows that means he will be going for a walk. On a few occasions, however, he was fooled and discovered that the leash meant he was going for a visit to the vets. Fortunately, Ozzie is a forgiving guy and doesn’t hold that against his new mom and dad. On one of the vet trips, it was learned that Ozzie was mildly heartworm positive, and he will need his blood checked again in about six weeks.

Ozzie’s foster mom and dad were so charmed by this loving boy that his foster home soon turned into his forever home. Even the cat has decided that it just wouldn’t be the same without Ozzie chasing her down the hall now and then. The only thing missing now is a distinguished new Scottish name for this collie who came in from the cold.

Ozzie is being fostered in Randolph, WI.