#2402 – Sammie


10-year-old sable headed white female 

New to Rescue!

“Can I retire at your house?”

This absolutely stunning, senior, collie girl was left homeless when her elderly owner was forced to move to a nursing home. Now Sammie is also looking for retirement accommodations. She is an ideal companion: friendly, loving, completely housebroken and very well mannered. She likes everyone she meets -- humans, other dogs and even cats.

Sammie has lots of curiosity and enthusiasm for life. She is not a pup anymore, but she is generally healthy, with only one medical issue. Since she was a young dog, Sammie has had some problems with her hip. She walks stiffly and cannot handle multiple steps of any kind. She can just manage one, short step going into her foster home and will not allow anyone to help her up taller steps. Her foster home includes a large acreage, so Sammie will be getting lots of walks that may help with her hip pain and stiffness, and she has also been started on an inexpensive medication. If these measures don’t improve Sammie’s pain, she will need a more expensive arthritis/pain medication.

Sammie’s foster family will be monitoring her condition over the next few weeks, but one thing is clear already: this delightful, loving girl wants and deserves a caring home of her very own where she can enjoy the love and attention that we all hope for in our golden years.

Sammie is being fostered near Madison, WI.