#2406 – Shelby


3-4-year-old sable and white male 

New to Rescue!

Shelby had been picked up time and time again by Animal Control. Finally, he ended up at the local Humane Society because his family didn’t bother to come and get him. And yet, you couldn’t ask for a sweeter, better behaved collie. Since coming to his foster home, he has been the model house guest. He has excellent recall, will “sit” on command and takes his treats ever so gently from his foster mom’s hand. He rarely barks and is entirely trustworthy in the house.

Shelby loves all creatures. He gets along beautifully with the other dogs at his foster home and has adopted a “live and let live” attitude toward the cats. He is even relatively tolerant of squirrels, and though he is interested in watching them, he doesn’t obsess over them. Shelby likes to sleep with the sixteen year old human at his foster home, but every morning he greets the adults by jumping up on foster dad’s side of the bed for a morning snuggle (a fact much appreciated by foster mom).

Needless to say, Shelby is a very sweet boy. Unfortunately, the ticks in Sawyer County also thought Shelby was pretty sweet. He has tested positive for Lyme disease, Anaplasma and Erlichia: the triple threat of tick borne diseases. The good news is that he was showing no symptoms of illness, a fact that indicates his condition was caught very early. He is currently being treated with antibiotics and is expected to make a full recovery. In the future, however, he will need an annual, precautionary test.

Shelby will be ready for his forever home as soon as his treatment is complete. In the meantime, stay tuned for updates.

Shelby is being fostered in Northfield, MN.