#2395 – Wendy


10-year-old tricolored female 

Post-adoption Update March 20, 2008

Wendy has settled in well at her forever home.  Her forever mom and dad, Debbie and Rich, just adore her.  Now that she has settled in, she is, as her foster mom said, "perfect" but, when she first arrived, she loved to practice her "breaking and entering" techniques into places like the wash room where the dog's kibble is stored. Her pal in the sneak attack was always Buck (also adopted from MWCR) who was glad for the help in getting extra kibble.  She has since "mended her ways" and no longer exhibits her "bad habit". 

Wendy is debarked for sure.  We finally heard her "sound" and it is a bit hoarse sounding. When the rest of the the collie crew barks, her voice gets lost in the chorus but she can still make herself known. She loves to follow her mom around everywhere.  She sleeps at mom's feet during dinner time and even sleeps outside the bathroom door while mom takes a shower.  Her favorite place in the house is the sofa and she makes sure she has it all to herself by plopping right in the middle so the other collies in the house can't share.  When mom and dad come home, she just bounces all over with joy and then does the collie style ankle tackles in play,  She is a happy girl and her foster mom is very glad to have her as mom's little buddy.  Life is good.

New to Rescue!

After a lifetime spent in the show ring and producing puppies, Wendy is looking for the perfect retirement home. This beautiful, ten year old girl is a retired show dog and breeder who came to MWCR when a breeder relinquished 60 dogs because he could no longer care for them.

Wendy is not only lovely, she is described by her foster mom as “perfect.” She is fully housetrained and well mannered, quiet, obedient and friendly. She is good with other dogs (cats are an unknown quantity) and children, and she is loving and friendly with everyone she meets. She walks well on a leash, rides well in the car and is crate trained. She has literally not uttered a sound since coming to her foster home, and it is possible that she has been debarked, since the other dogs surrendered by this breeder had all been debarked.

This gentle, loving girl just wants to cuddle with her people and she follows her foster mom everywhere. She can’t get enough of human love and attention. Wendy would make a wonderful companion for any family that has lots of love to give and wants a sweet, loyal collie friend.

Wendy is being fostered in Rockford, IL.