#2552 – Lady, FKA Blaire

Status:   Adopted

Status: Adopted
Type: Sable, and White
Age: 7 years
Gender: Female
Spayed/Neutered: No
Good with other dogs: Yes
Good with cats: Yes
Housebroken: Yes
Foster Location: Janesville, WI
Adoption requirements:
Available for adoption with an application & home visit. Don't hesitate to complete our adoption application form
Adoption Fee: Click here for fee
Post-Adoption update: October 15, 2008 If anyone has been wondering how Lady FKA Blaire has been doing, I thought I'd post about her.

  A little background first...I had been looking for a "special" collie from the MWCR website for a long time. I was at work on the 13th of Sept, asked my employer if she would bring up the site and see if there were any new collies. There was the picture of dirty Blair which said she was going to be euthanized. I immediately fell in love with her. I called Ellen in Duluth and asked her if she could help me because I wanted her. At the same time, my employer called the dog pound to see if someone was there. I'm not sure who all helped but the next thing I knew, Roni had her. Praise the Lord! She was taken to the vet on the 16th and had 14 teeth pulled. I talked to Roni and found out what a wonderful lady she is also. Then I found out I could have her and everyone was busy getting the transport all taken care of. I believe 5 different people helped Lady get to Duluth where my husband picked her up and brought her home to Silver Bay.

  On Tuesday, I took Lady and my 3 other girls to our camper in Sturgeon Lake. She hopped right in the front with me while her sisters were in the back of the Yukon. She laid on the seat for the 2 hour drive. She liked our camper and the kennel in our lot. We spent the week there relaxing.

  On Monday the 29th of Sept, I took her to our vet in Duluth because there was a difference in opinion if she had been spayed. Our vet didn't believe she was so we made the appointment for the following week.

  On Oct 9th, Don took her to Duluth again since I had to work. Later that morning the surgeon called and said she was doing fine. One of her ovaries was enlarged so we decided to have it sent to the pathologist to make sure she didn't have cancer. We had to keep her quiet this week which wasn't hard since it was rainy every day and she didn't want to go outside anyway. We were to find out the results this week.

  Last night around suppertime, the surgeon called. He said the results were back and Lady had a VERY RARE form of cancer in both ovaries. It is so rare that he had to look it up in the books. The enlarged ovary of course, had a large tumor. They believe the tumors were contained in the ovaries so that it didn't spread. 99% there will be no more problems. She also had multiple ovarian cysts. He said that if we hadn't gotten her when we did and have her spayed right away, that she would have gotten worse fast.

  Because Lady is deaf, has/had rotten teeth, and now the cancer, he beleives she is around 10.

  My heart was broken a few weeks earlier when I thought I was going to be getting another collie but God works in mysterious ways and now I know that this was His will for both Lady and us. She has my heart for however long I am blessed to have her.

  It seems like we have been on a roller coaster ride since I first saw that dirty little sad face online and now we can relax. We know the facts now.

  I don't remember all the names of EVERYONE who helped us get Lady if it was phoning, transporting etc. but I want to THANK ALL OF YOU again.

  I have a picture of Lady with her sisters that I took the morning after we got her and will try to start an album soon.


  Description: If we were awarding grades to our collies, Blaire would receive an A+, as her foster mom says that Blaire is the best foster dog that she's ever had.  A small, sable rough collie estimated to be 7 years old, Blaire is full of charm and exhibits no serious behavioral problems.  She is friendly, very quiet, perfectly housetrained and able to be left alone for up to 9 hours without confinement.  She is good with other animals, rides very well in a car and tolerates grooming (though she does not like having her hair pulled).  Sociable and easy going, Blaire likes to sleep on the couch or on the floor to be near her family.  Active and happy, Blaire prances like a little reindeer when she walks!  

But no dog is perfect and as good as she is, Blaire still has a few things to learn.  For example, she needs to learn to come when called, as well as how to sit and to stay.  And since she was a stray before coming into rescue, her forever home should have a fence to ensure that she won't slip away again.  Finally, while she is healthy overall, Blair's remaining teeth will need to be kept clean as she had to have 14 of them removed when she came to MWCR.     

Blaire will do best in a forever home with someone who can spend time with and talk to her.  In return, she will be a sweet, well behaved forever friend.