Lost Collie!!!

Dutchess, 1-1/2 year old sable and white female, spayed, and microchipped, has been missing from her fenced yard since Monday evening 01/05/09.

Dutchess Sightings:
  • Dutchess was seen near Bertha, MN on Wednesday (01/07/09), about 10 miles from her home and reportedly running along the road.  Observers did not know she was lost until they read the flyers that are posted everywhere in all the surrounding towns.
  • She was seen again by a truck driver on Thursday morning (01/08/09) at 1:30 a.m.
  • The family has been searching all surrounding areas including Bertha, Clarissa, Eagle Bend, and Wadena.
  • Dutchess was spotten in Verndale 01/14/09. She was standing in the road, the car stopped and honked the horn and she trotted off.  They didn't realize she was lost so didn't try to call her.
  • Another person spotted her at 7:30 AM while on her way to work on 01/14/09. She was running in the ditch in the direction of Bertha where she was seen Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.
  • 1-23-09: Dutchess was spotted on 210, 2˝ outside of Hewitt, heading towards Verndale. When a person called to her, she fled down a snowmobile trail.
  • The evening of 1/24/09. Dutchess was seen running on Hwy 71, 2˝ miles north of Eagle Bend, MN, heading south towards Eagle Bend.
  • 2-2-09: Dutchess was spotted at 10 AM in Bertha, MN running from 111 Central Ave. towards the downtown area. Kids with treats and her picture are in hot pursuit. Dutchess likes Beggin’ Strips. As she is timid, sit on the ground if you see her and put the treat out on the ground.
  • 2-2-09: Shortly after the first sighting of Dutchess today, she was seen a short distance away near County Road 71 in the town of Staples. Dutchess! Come HOME!
  • 2-11-09: Dutchess was found dead, and had apparently been dead for a long time. An Amish man had seen her in a ditch when he was out driving. She was partially covered in snow and frozen solid. She had been struck in the head by a car. She was clean, her fur was not matted, and her body condition was as good as when she disappeared, which indicates she died shortly after her disappearance. She will be buried in the spring. I can’t thank you all enough for your prayers, emails, and help. I feel numb. It is going to be a tough week.
  • 4-11-09: Peaches, Joyce’s 15 year old dog that she had had since it was a 1-week-old pup that she fed with an eyedropper, had to be put to sleep after an apparent stroke. It has been a rough winter for Joyce, so please keep her in your prayers. Peaches will be buried with Dutchess when the weather is warm enough.
  • 5-22-09: Lucky, Joyce’s black Labrador Retriever passed away.

View of Video of Dutchess’ life and family!