#2672 – Raine, FKA Diego

Status:   Adopted

Raine (right) with his new brother River (left).

Read the story in the Paullina paper that talks about me and my foster folks!!

Wow!!! Our Must-Do-Bar-B-Q earned MWCR $810.24!!! I would like to think that my presence was largely responsible for that great result!

Status: Adopted: Ready for forever home around the end of August
Type: Light Sable and White
Age: 19 months
Birthday: January 1, 2008
Gender: Male
Spayed/Neutered: The big day is scheduled for August 24, 2009
Good with children: Yes, and loves to fetch ball or Frisbee for them
Good with other dogs: Yes
Good with cats: Yes
Housebroken: Yes
Foster Location: Paullina, IA
Special needs: Has Grade 3 Collie Eye, so he cannot play tug-of-war or shake his head or his retinas may detach. Diagnosed with blepharitis on July 23, 2009 and is on prescription meds for at least one month for swollen eyelids. Fence is required in case his eye problems worsen.
Adoption requirements:
Available for adoption with an application & home visit. Don't hesitate to complete our adoption application form
Adoption Fee: Click here for fee
Description: Happy! Happy! Happy!

Diego is a dog for whom the glass is always half full. Heck, for Diego the glass is always completely full. He is a cheerful, playful collie boy who loves everyone and everything he meets. He thinks other dogs are great. He thinks children are super. He thinks caged birds are cool. He even thinks cats are sweet and proves it by giving them collie kisses. Know any strangers? Diego doesn’t; they’re all friends.

Diego was found as a stray and why his former family never came looking for him is a complete mystery, since this is one very lovable collie. He is well behaved in the house and his foster mom is completely comfortable giving him the run of her home. He will readily go into his crate, but there is really no need to crate him. He likes to be groomed and isn’t afraid of the blow dryer. He knows a variety of commands including: sit, lie down, shake, come, let’s go wash your eyes, and let’s get a treat (his personal favorite).

When Diego initially arrived at his foster home he had some eye inflammation that was diagnosed as blepharitis. He will be taking medication for this condition for about one month and is currently improving. While Diego was at the doggie ophthalmologist, it was discovered that he also has Grade 3 Collie Eye Anomaly. This condition is a congenital one in which the collie is born with a hole in the optic nerve. It results in varying degrees of visual impairment, though until he was diagnosed, Diego’s foster mom saw no indication of limited vision. Rarely, CEA can result in a detached retina so it is important that Diego doesn’t play with tug toys or other toys that would cause him to shake his head. Because he has CEA, Diego will need a forever home with a fenced yard to prevent him from ever becoming lost.

Diego refuses to consider his CEA as a limitation on his ability to run, play and generally have fun. He loves to go for car rides or for walks on his leash. His favorite forms of fun involve playing catch or fetching a ball or Frisbee, and he will faithfully return the ball and drop it at your feet. His foster family even bought him a special ball that flashes and makes noise, so that he could continue his favorite game even if his eyesight worsened. Diego - optimist that he is - doesn’t expect that to happen but he thought it was a nice gesture.

Diego is the kind of collie that would fit perfectly into almost any home. Ideally he would like to have a doggie companion to keep him company, particularly if his family worked during the day. He will get along beautifully with cats and birds and would love to have children to play with. He must have a fenced yard, but otherwise his needs are few. If your glass is half empty, Diego is ready to fill it to the brim with lots and lots of