#2764 Ė Folio, Leo for short

Status:   Adopted

Draw Me Close by Sonicflood

Status: Adopted
FOLIO, Leo for short
Type: Sable and White
Age: 6-7 year
Birthday: February 5, 2003
Gender: Male
Spayed/Neutered: Yes
Good with children: Yes
Good with other dogs: Yes
Good with cats: Yes
Housebroken: Yes
Foster Location: Paullina, IA
Special needs: Should have fenced yard. He has some storm anxiety but does very well with his Thundershirt and comforting from his people during these times. His eyesight may be slightly diminished although you cannot notice this from his behavior. He needs at least one very calm companion dog as a housemate.
Adoption requirements:
Available for adoption with an application & home visit. Don't hesitate to complete our adoption application form
Adoption Fee: Click here for fee
Pawsonality of the Month: October 2010
Hey guys! My name is Folio, but you can call me Leo. Iím the Pawsonality of the Month and I think they picked me because my name, Leo, means king. But donít worry; even if I am a king, Iím not one of those snooty, royal types. In fact, Iím just the opposite. I love everybody and my people are my whole world. I usually donít bark much, but if my foster family has been gone, I greet them with my ďWhere-have-you-been-Iím-so-glad-youíre-back-Iíve-missed-you-sooooooo-muchĒ bark! Itís just my way of letting them know they are loved.

Here at my foster home, there are other dogs and I get along well with them, but I donít like it when they play rough or get right up in my face (thatís just rude). Sometimes I play with them, but I prefer to spend my free time taking my humans for a walk so they get their regular exercise. Itís important to keep your people fit, and if I donít get them moving, they might just lump up in front of the television!

In addition to the other dogs and cats, my foster family also has a little boy who is six years old. I like him and Iím very gentle with him, so I would be fine with a forever home that had little people in it as well as big people.

The other things I like include cheese (yum), most kinds of treats, tummy tickles and hanging out with my humans. Iím too much of a gentleman to get up on the couch, but I love to lie on the floor by my family or in my doggy bed at the end of a long day and just think about what a lucky dog I am. My foster mom loves to pet me and sheís always telling me how soft and silky my fur is. You would think that would be too much of a girly thing, but when foster mom says it, it makes me feel all happy and warm inside.

Are you sensing a pattern here? The truth is, though I get along with other dogs and even with cats, there is nothing I like better that spending time with my family. Thatís why I would really like a forever home where I wouldnít be left alone too much. When Iím left for long periods of time, I get so sad and bored and scared that I sometimes entertain myself in ways that are a tiny bit destructive. It isnít that I mean to be bad, itís just that I get really lonely. I wonder if there are any people out there who are lonely too and who would like someone like me to love them more than anything in the world. Iíd be a great buddy for someone who lived alone or maybe for some empty nesters (I would make a super nest-filler). Since I like little children, I would also be good company for a stay at home mom. See how versatile I am!

Well, thatís me, Leo. If youíre looking for a stuck up, nose in the air, royal type of collie, Iím not your dog; but if you are looking for a BFFF (best furry friend forever), look no further. Iím down here in Iowa just waiting to make you mine.