#2797 Ė Zander

Status:   Adopted

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Status: Adopted
Type: Sable-headed White
Age: 11 years
Gender: Male
Spayed/Neutered: Yes
Good with children: Yes
Good with other dogs: Yes
Good with cats: Uncertain, but probably yes.
Housebroken: Yes
Foster Location: New Franken, WI
Special needs: Needs a fenced yard! He has a bit of arthritis and a mild depth perception problem, so he needs a home with no more than 5 steps.
Adoption requirements:
Available for adoption with an application & home visit. Don't hesitate to complete our adoption application form
Adoption Fee: Click here for fee
Update: July 12, 2011 What a handsome senior boy Zander has become. You would never recognize the skinny, scared collie who came to his foster home so dirty and matted that he had to be shaved to the skin. Now his coat is so thick and white that it sparkles!

Zander's confusion has also disappeared and he is a normal, loving, collie boy. He still has a fascination for things mechanical and has started to react to thunder in much the same way that he reacts to motorized vehicles. When it begins to thunder, he runs through the house barking and looking for the motorcycle that he is sure must be there somewhere! He doesn't like the lightening, though, and needs his foster mom to comfort him when the flashes begin.

Although Zander is still quite spry for an older boy, he does have trouble with steps and will need a forever home that does not have them, since he can only manage one. He is fine with a ramp, however, and uses one at his foster home with no difficulty.

Zander is waiting for a forever home that will love him and care for him in his ďgoldenĒ years. He has lots of charm and love, and will be a devoted companion to the family that is willing to give an older boy a chance.

Description: What an amazing transformation Zander has made!

When he first came to his foster home, his time on the streets had left him thin, sick, matted and confused. He had several abscessed teeth and also needed treatment for heartworm. His fur was so dirty and knotted that shaving was the only option, so for quite awhile he looked like a newly shorn sheep. He was so stressed that he paced almost constantly and never got any real rest. In fact, his vet decided that he was suffering from a case of Canine Cognitive Disorder Ė a sort of doggie Alzheimerís Ė that caused him to wander aimlessly and pace nervously.

Today, Zander is a new dog. His fur has grown in and he looks like the handsome collie that he was meant to be. He is healthy, happy, loving and well fed. The stress that was causing his confusion is gone and as the stress vanished, so did Zanderís CCD symptoms. He no longer paces and wanders about. In fact, he acts exactly like the dignified senior gentleman that he is. He sleeps peacefully through the night and also enjoys a few regular naps during the day.

Zander gets along well with the other dogs at his foster home and likes to watch them as they play, but doesnít care to join in, because they play a bit too rough for such a dignified man. In fact, the only thing that seems to get his motor running is when someone gets a motor running! He loves the sound of anything mechanical: cars, four-wheelers, lawn mowers, hair dryers, vacuum cleaners, etc. all bring out the ďboyĒ in Zander. He loves to ďhelpĒ his foster mom vacuum and when he hears the hair dryer, he comes running. His foster dad likes to indulge him by driving the four wheeler along the fence line, so Zander can chase it from the safety of his fenced yard.

Zander enjoys cars from the inside as well as the outside, though he needs a bit of help getting in. He likes to go for walks, so he can smell the roses and any other interesting scents, and while he is normally well behaved on his leash, it is advisable to keep a tight hold when any wheeled vehicles go by.

Indoors, Zander is the perfect gentleman. He is housetrained, calm and well behaved. He loves being with his people and likes to follow them from room to room so that he is always available should anyone want to pet him. His foster mom has a crate that she sometimes uses for another dog, and Zander will occasionally go there for a nap, but it is never necessary to crate him. He is a smaller collie who doesnít like to jump up on furniture or counters, but he does consider any tasty treats that are left on the edge of the table to be fair game.

Zander gets along well with other calm, gentle, dogs and would probably be fine with cats, but he would also be perfectly happy to be an ďonlyĒ pet. His real love is for his people and he wants to be where they are, indoors or out. He has a mild problem with depth perception so he doesnít like stairs, but he does well using a ramp at his foster home. He also loves to use his doggie door.

In addition to the many other changes that Zander has recently experienced, he has also undergone a change in his adoption fee. It just came to our attention that his adoption fee was incorrectly listed as the amount normally charged for a younger collie. So now, this happy, affectionate, laid back, senior collie is available for a significantly reduced fee; and while we believe that this sweet boy is a bargain at any cost, Zander is hoping that his new look and his new fee will find him a new forever home.