Duke & Duchess


 4 year old male and female whites




Meet the Royals!  Duke and Duchess are a beautiful pair of four year old, rough coated collies.  They are siblings, and in many ways they could be twins.  They both have snowy white bodies with sable heads, have been neutered/spayed and are current on all of their vaccinations.  They were surrendered because their previous owners didn't have enough time for them.
Not only do Duke and Duchess look alike, they also have similar personalities.  They are wonderfully good-natured and seem to love everybody: adults, children, other dogs, even cats.  Their foster family has two very young children (six years and eighteen months), and Duke and Duchess are great with them.  Because they haven't had much human interaction, they don't seem to know how to play with people and toys yet, but they are learning.  In the mean time, they love to be petted and brushed.  Because they were matted when they first came to MWCR, they had to be shaved, and their beautiful fur is just beginning to grow out.
In their previous home, these great guys were kenneled outdoors and never allowed in the house.  As they adjust to indoor living, they are discovering that lots of yummy things can be found on counter tops and in the trash can.  Their foster mom is working with them to discourage this behavior, and with time and patience they will learn better "indoor" manners.  They are already housebroken, so they don't need to be confined at night, and they know the commands: "sit" and "out."  Both Duke and Duchess are afraid of thunder and storms, and Duke hates to have his front paws touched. (Sometimes royalty can be a little quirky.)
Duke and Duchess, although very loving and affectionate, can be a little food aggressive with other dogs.  Perhaps this is the reason they have developed separate eating schedules.  Duke likes to eat in the afternoon and evening, while Duchess prefer a late morning and early evening meal.
For most of their lives these sweet collies have been the whole world to one another.  Now they are looking for a loving family who will allow them to remain together.  They need a forever home with a fenced yard and a family who will give them the affection and attention they deserve.  In return, Duke and Duchess promise to reign in your home and in your heart  forever.  


Duke & Dutchess are being fostered in the Waukesha, WI area