Chet - November 03


Chet came to MWCR on August 11 as an owner surrender.  He is a sable male, about 2 1/2 years old, neutered, up-to-date on shots, and newly groomed. He came in with knots and clumps that had to be shaved off, but after his grooming, he looks wonderul.  Chet stands about 27 inches at the shoulder and weighed 82 pounds at his last vet visit on August 14.  He has very long, luxurious hair with just a touch of black, perfectly tipped ears, and a mask.

    Although Chet seems to have had little training, he does know sit, stay, down, shake, etc., and he will be a wonderful addition to an active
family.  He is a lively and exuberant boy who loves to go for walks but hates the Gentle Leader.  He ignores lawnmowers, motorcycles, bicycles,
etc., but he's a strong dog who is learning to walk with, rather than in spite of, his person.  He will dart out the door of the house if he gets a
chance, although he soon stops and comes back.  He is a good boy in the house, and he will sleep in a crate with no protest.  He's been allowed the
run of the house both during the day and at night, and he likes to sleep under an air conditioner vent during this hot weather.  He likes squeak
toys, tug toys, and paper!  He's very well behaved when he's alone in the house or with the other dogs, but twice when people were around, he has
taken a book from the shelves and begun to shred it.  He'll also take something tempting out of the an uncovered garbage can.

    Chet is a lot of fun.  He loves to play and to play bite, which probably means he shouldn't be around young children, but he's learning to
bite his toys instead of his people.  He will need a home with a fence, be outside only on a leash, or go to obedience training to overcome his
tendency to run off.  He is affectionate,  likes to be hugged, gives affectionate licks on the ears or anywhere else, and gets along fine with
his two foster sisters--now that he's been neutered. He loves the water (and thinks maybe he should join a family who has a lake home for the

Update: September 25

Chet has been in his foster home for about six weeks now, and he has settled down, learned much better house manners, and learned his new name (when he first came he didn't answer to any name).  He doesn't seem to have had much exposure to toys or stuffed animals, so he's been learning to play with those.  He loves to play tug or catch-me-if-you-can or play/wrestle with our two dogs.  He is very good with other dogs and has no aggressive or territorial issues.  He ignores motorcycles, loud vehicles, etc., but he finds the vacuum cleaner to be an attack beast that he must conquer.  The only herding behavior he displays is gently nipping at heels once in a while when he's in really good spirits and wants to play.

    When he had a Gentle Leader on for his first few walks, he hated the leader and kept scraping his nose on the pavement or the grass to get it off.  Now he's pretty much accepted that when he goes for a walk he will be wearing the Gentle Leader.  He has lots of energy, but a good walk settles him down.  He is a truly exuberant and joyous dog, and when he comes into the house after having been out in the back yard for a while, he races in the door and cavorts for a few minutes.  He's still very playful, almost puppy-like in his exuberance.  He usually sleeps on the bed in the guest room now that it's cooler and the a. c. is off.  In the morning and just before he goes to sleep for the night, he likes to come up on our bed to get up close and personal, be petted, do a little play-biting, and administer lots of affection.  He has an endearing way of cocking his head first one way and then the other when he hears something puzzling--like one of his people trying to sing.  He is very handsome with that gorgeous hair and tipped ears.

 He still has a yen for taking books off the shelf and either ripping off the spine or chewing the edges.  So we told him he will  need a permanent home with no books or books behind glass or where someone wants to thin out their library!  Other than that, Chet is a sweet boy who would do well in a home with other dogs or with older children, or with just one or two people.  He is good in the house when he's not tempted by books or something smelly in the garbage. 

    Chet is being fostered in Marshall MN.



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