MacDuff - Adopted 10/03



MacDuff is new into MWCR.  He was a stray in a Twin Cities suburb and was taken to a shelter. That smart guy started hanging around a women's shelter for food and attention! We are thinking that he is around 6 years old or so?  Different vets have aged him at different ages, so we are going with the middle age. He is a neutered Collie and is on the short side for a male Collie - about 24 inches at the shoulder. He weighs about 78 lbs. He is a mahogany sable and white with a white blaze on his nose. He is being treated for a double ear infection.  His fur is in terrible shape - very dry and brittle which could be from a poor diet.  Much of his fur has had to be chopped off because of matting - so right now he does not have anywhere near a full coat. The vet felt that some it had to go to make sure that there were no sores under the mats. Lots of dry skin too. A trip to the groomer should help improve that. Duff is in good health, but needs to have a good quality diet and since he seems to be in the beginning stages of arthritis should have glucosamine and chondroitin to help his joints. He does not walk stiffly and does fine with stairs, but needs a bit of help getting into my SUV.   He comes to his name (which is nice because we tried out many with no success!), he sits and gives a paw.  He seems like a really nice boy.  Just confused with all of the changes in his life.

So far, Duff seems very sweet and loving. He is a people dog, although he seems to like being around other dogs and seems fine with cats. He is too new into his foster home to have a full bio, so please check back for pictures and updates!

The photos are PRIOR to grooming after which I think he'll have even more fur taken off.  He normally would have black tipped fur (like Persy who is up on the steps behind Duff in one of the photos, but the undercoat is lighter... as it is on Persy)

He is a people dog, although he seems to like being around other dogs and seems fine with cats. Duffy LOVES people. He seems fine with other dogs and enjoys trips to the dog park. He likes to ride in the car. He also enjoys playing fetch and will actually bring the ball back to you! Duffy really wants to please. He walks nicely on a leash, knows "sit", "come", "leave it", shake" and "no bark". When he gets excited or overstimulated he barks and whines, but stops right away when you ask him to sit and tell him "no bark" in a calm, soothing voice. All in all, Duffy is a really nice boy and will make a great companion for someone who wants to spend time with a Collie boy. After his grooming, he certainly smells better and his coat is about 1 1/2 inch long and I think he is much more comfortable. He is on meds for a mild ear infection and some skin issues from being so matted.

MacDuff is being fostered in Minneapolis.





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