Macbeth - Adopted 8/03


MacBeth is a beautiful sable male who will be three years old in June. He has dark brown and black highlights in his coat, a mask, and perfectly tipped ears. Mac is neutered, has all his shots, and is housetrained. He is in excellent physical condition and has a gorgeous coat. He has adjusted to his foster home very quickly and gets along well with his two foster sisters (collie/husky and golden retriever). He has never chewed anything inappropriately in the house. He likes being around other dogs and takes his cues from them about how to behave in new surroundings. He loves going for walks, and he walks well on a leash with a Gentle Leader head collar. He is polite, affectionate, playful, and very well behaved.

Mac wants a new family in a town or city, in a place with a fenced yard. He grew up being allowed to chase deer, and when he sees or scents deer, he wants to get out and go after them. He shouldn't live or be allowed off leash anywhere near deer, since he has a high herding/prey drive. He is a little head shy, having been hit on the head with a shovel by his owner for "going after some poultry." He should probably be in a family without children under ten, since he can be "mouthy," as collies sometimes are. He does not currently live with cats, and he may want to chase them.

Mac is calm and obedient, responding to commands to sit/stay or down/stay. Going through obedience training with a new family member would be good for Mac and help him bond quickly. He needs plenty of exercise since he is young and enthusiastic. He is a real sweetheart who deserves a great home--with no deer!

MacBeth is being fostered in Marshall, MN.

Latest Update from Mac's Foster Mom:


Mac has made the trip to the lake with us three times now. He adjusted so quickly to the lake place that we just had to laugh. When we arrived the first time, he walked into the house, roamed around sniffing everything, and then took his rightful place on the love seat, looking out the window at the lake. When the neighbors came over to meet him, he was polite and friendly, and then he went back to the love seat and went to sleep. When his foster grandparents came over and offered him treats, he took the treats very gently, wagged his tail in appreciation, and got back on the love seat.

Since we don't have a fenced yard at the lake, Mac is tied when he's outside, just in case a deer should appear. We seldom see deer at the lake but aren't taking any chances with Mac's going off after any that might appear. Since he has to be tied, we've discovered that Mac is an expert at handling tie-outs; he gets himself wound around trees, but then he seems to know exactly how to reverse his movements and get untangled. Not surprisingly, Mac is not interested in the lake itself. On his first visit, he went down to the beach, leaned way over, and sniffed the water carefully, but that's the extent of his interest. He can't imagine why his Golden Retriever foster sister likes to race into the water, leap around, and pursue tiny fish. He likes to lie in the shade in the yard looking regal, which he does a great job of. He lets us know when anyone drives into the yard or walks by on the road with another dog in tow.

It's obvious that Mac will adjust easily when he gets his new permanent home. He's easy-going and tolerant, like most collies, and he's a pleasure to have as a foster dog.

MacBeth is being fostered in Marshall, MN.



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