Champ Adoption Pending!!


 1   year old male



Champ came to us from a shelter where he was not doing very well. He was terrified after his family left him there, so the shelter asked for our help. He has been thriving in his foster home. He is about a year old. At his foster home, a few kind words and hugs and the other dogs around made it ok for him right away. He is a sweet guy. His favorite things is rawhide chews and playing tug with the others. Oh and this part isn't collie, but I haven't told him as he is so proud, he will fetch and return as many times as you will throw a toy. Bless his little heart. They all watch him and you can tell they are thinking, "collies don't do that Kid" and he is thinking "look at me, see what I can do" so proud. He is very funny showing off to them. They are not impressed. He is a wonderful collie boy. Has lots of energy and loves to run and play, but also loves to be loved and told how good he is. He still has his puppy coat, very soft. He thinks he is really doing something special when you play throw and he catches and brings it back to you. He is good with cats and though shy, has warmed up fast to everything at his foster home. He is not real crazy about kids that don't know how to treat a dog. The other dogs at his foster home made it easy for him to feel less afraid. He really likes the other dogs in the foster home. 

Champ is being fostered in the Twin Cities

This pet is: up to date with routine shots, already house trained, altered