Cody II


9-year-old Tricolored male


New to Rescue!

Cody is a handsome, stately, 9 year old, collie gentleman. He is a rough coated, tri-color who weighs in at about 70 pounds (though his vet thinks another 10 pounds would do him good). He has been neutered and is a thoroughly healthy guy.

Cody was surrendered by his family who apparently no longer had time for him. His coat had been seriously neglected, he was covered with large mats, and he had an untreated growth over one eye which will be surgically removed before he is adopted. Due to the severe matting on his belly and backside, Cody has had to be partially shaved to the skin, but one would barely know it, unless you see him from the back.  He is looking gorgeous from his recent trip to the groomer.

It is hard to believe that Cody had become a burden to his family, since his foster mom describes him as the easiest Collie she has ever cared for. He is extremely well mannered, both in the house and when on a leash. He is fully housetrained, and has no bad habits such as counter surfing, garbage exploration or inappropriate chewing. He knows a variety commands including “sit,” “come,” “down,” “paw” and “stay” and is a very obedient boy.

Cody is a happy, carefree Collie who likes everyone he meets and is particularly attached to children. He also loves canine companionship and really enjoys playing with the other two Collies in his foster home. He doesn’t like to share his food with them however, and his foster mom usually crates him or separates him from the other dogs during meals. When he is outdoors, Cody likes to bark at the people and other dogs that he sees, but he never attempts to leave his yard, even though it is surrounded by a very short fence. He also loves to ride in the car and jumps in willingly.  Even though Cody is considered a "senior" Collie, he has a lot of life, energy and love to share.

Cody is the perfect Collie for that forever family who is looking for an easy companion: easy going, easy to care for, and very, very easy to love!

Cody II is being fostered near Rockford, IL.