Isabeau, AKA Izzy


~7-year-old sable femaleSpecial Medical Needs


Update Ė September 25

Isabeau, Izzy, came into MWCR from a Wisconsin shelter where she was not doing well. She wasnít eating well for them and her kennel cough was not improving. After coming into rescue her kennel cough got cured, her coat got groomed, and her urinary incontinence was diagnosed and successfully treated. Once her kennel cough was gone she had a dental to get her teeth cleaned up and surgery to heal some non-healing wounds on her back. Her hair is growing back and she is becoming prettier by the day. Although her exact age is unknown, it is suspected she is around 7 years of age; sheís just too active to be much older.

She enjoys cuddling with her foster family, playing with the dogs and cats in the household, and to her foster momís enjoyment has become quite fond of walks. Izzy has also learned to go up and down stairs with no problem while in her foster home, so her foster family feels a house with stairs should not be a problem. After a recent visit to a PetSmart adoption day it was found that Izzy also likes children from toddlers to teens so she should make a great family pet.

Bottom line Izzy, like all of our very adoptable collies, deserves a loving and caring forever home. Izzy does need daily medication to control her urinary incontinence, and because of this medication she should have annual lab work to make sure she is doing well. She has been kennel trained by her foster family and seems to enjoy relaxing in the kennel even when they are home. She does well with grooming which is good since as we all know collies do shed. She's just a bit mouthy when she gets really worked up in play, but even then she's gentle.

The only caution her foster family feels needs to be made is if her new forever family already has a dog. If that is the case Izzy has shown some food aggression which is easily controlled by feeding the dogs separately and monitoring them. Which is good since she seems to be a social eater anyway. She is a wonderful dog that is welcome to stay with her foster family until just the right forever home comes for her.

Intake Bio

Isabeau is a senior sweetheart.† She was found in Wisconsin and taken to a local shelter where she contracted kennel cough and was not doing well for them.† So MWCR came to her rescue and was able to pull her and place her in a foster home.† Isabeau nicknamed Izzy,†as her foster family has renamed her,†is a wonderful old girl.† Her estimated age is somewhere around 8 - 10 years.† She's a very gentle dog who loves to cuddle, and she's a bit of a couch potato.† She really seems to like cats and gets along well with other dogs.† After two weeks with her foster family she finally started to play with her foster brothers, an English bulldog and a collie.† She even started to play tag with her foster owner who quickly found out she's just a bit mouthy when she gets really worked up in play, but even then she's gentle.† She gets excited when it's time for a walk, but don't expect to have a quick pace because this old girl likes to go on leisurely strolls and enjoy the scenery.

Izzy is currently recovering from surgery but will be available for adoption in another month.† She does have some medical needs.† She has urinary incontinence which requires twice daily medication which works wonders.† She also limps on her front right leg, most likely from arthritis, so she may need some chronic meds to make her as comfortable as possible.† With these chronic meds she is a dog that should have annual lab work at the time of her annual examination.† She will go up and down stairs but does not have much grace when doing so, so her foster family feels a house with minimal stairs would be best for her.

Isabeau is a wonderful dog who is very special, and like all of our collies, deserves a caring and loving forever home.† If both foster parents would agree Izzy would already have her forever home because she's just that special.

Isabeau is being fostered in the Twin Cities area.