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Tribute to Sassy, November 4, 2005

Lisa Olson, Sassy's foster, called me today. It is with extreme sadness I need to share with you that Sassy died today. She had completed her heartworm treatment, and was in to be spayed, and then Lisa and her family were going to finalize her adoption. Unfortunately, Sassy never woke up from the anesthesia. There is no known reason for this - she was stable all the way through the operation. Maybe her heart was so damaged by the heartworm - we just don't know. Her liver enzymes were slightly elevated, but that was probably age and/or the disease.

Sassy died loved. Lisa said that she had come such a long way - she Was less frightened of the hair dryer. She learned to enjoy and play with her toys and bones. She was a real fit for the family. She will be missed.

One of my favorite stories was shortly after Sassy arrived, she was in the back yard with their other dog Taylor. Taylor started chasing and playing with Sassy and nipped Sassy on the butt, and then went under the deck to hide while Sassy tried to find her.

Lisa said this morning, Sassy was up as usual, wagging her tail. She was happy. I am forever grateful to Lisa and her family for giving Sassy happiness.

Lisa is still wanting to adopt. I'm going to go and start looking again for possible collies to place in this wonderful home. I will be forwarding any messages of sympathy to her, as they don't have email, and I think it would be good for them to hear our support and sympathy.

New to Rescue!

Sassy loved her home and her people.  And when she heard that another dog was coming to live with her, she was thrilled.  Then she learned the terrible truth: they weren't getting Sassy a friend; they were getting her a replacement!  At nine years old, Sassy was taken to the local Humane Society and dumped, like a used car when the newer model comes out.  Sassy was confused, frightened and sick.

The Humane Society realized that Sassy needed and deserved a loving foster home to help her regain her health and her spirit, so they asked MWCR to help.  Even though we were overflowing with collies, Sassy's need was too great to ignore.  She was brought to a foster home near Milwaukee where it was discovered that she had a large, open wound behind her ear, necessitating surgery.  The wound was closed and has healed nicely, but in the meantime, Sassy developed kennel cough from her time at the shelter.  She is currently on antibiotics and is being nursed back to health at her foster home.

But fate wasn't through with Sassy yet!  While at the vet's office, she was diagnosed with early stage, heartworm disease.  She will need to fully recover from her kennel cough first, but when that has happened, she will have to begin her heartworm treatment.

Poor, gentle Sassy.  In just a few weeks this loving girl has endured more than any dog should have to suffer.  She will need many weeks of treatment before she regains her full health and vitality, but when that time comes Sassy will be looking for a loving, forever family that understands you don't toss away an old friend when you get a new one.  There is still time for Sassy's story to have a happy ending.

Sassy is extremely gentle and affectionate.  She is fully potty trained.  Sassy is being fostered near Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  Check back for updates to learn how Sassy is doing.