1½-year-old sable and white male

Update, December 18, 2006

Dakota here!  Well, it has been about 3 months of getting used to all the noises of the big city.  I am still pretty afraid of loud noises, buses and raised voices.  My new family are working with me.  I go to the school with my "mom" to bring my youngest playmate to school where I am slowly getting used to the buses and lots of kids.  I do o.k.,  as long as they don't gang up on me.  They all say I'm a "Lassie" dog.  I thought I was a Collie!!!

There is a great thing we have in the city here.  It is called a Dog Park.  Imagine, a place just for us dogs, unfortunately I have to take my "mom" with me when I go there.  We try to walk there at least three times a week.  I have my special friends that I just love to play tag with.  I really miss my dog friends and my foster sisters.  I have two cat sisters, but all they want to do is take over my bed and sleep.  I do like to chase them though when my mom is giving them any attention.  Maybe, if I am really good, my new family will  find me a permanent dog playmate.  I would love to have another Collie to play with.  I am such a social creature that my mom is having problems with me in school.  Aren’t I there just to play with the other dogs?  For some reason their moms and dads won't them play with me.  I think I will have to retake this grade.

One of the teachers at school can't figure out why I was running loose at the Indian Reservation.  She thinks I am a "well bred dog", whatever that means.   I just want to play and have fun.  None of that formal stuff for me.

Well, my mom thinks it is time for bed, so I better listen.  Bye for now.

Love, Dakota

New to Rescue!

Young Dakota, named in honor of his origins, was born on Red Lake Reservation lands.  He was an outcast from a local pack of dogs, and was rescued by Red Lake Rosie's Rescue, an area rescue dedicated to helping animals in need on the Reservation.

Dakota is a sable and white male between the ages of 1 year and 18 months. Although frightened when originally brought into rescue, he has learned to enjoy a bath and brushing (boy, did that feel good!!!!!), and has turned into a playful puppy who prances when he walks, and is playing well with his new collie foster sisters. When he gets excited, he bucks like a pony back and forth from his front legs to his back legs, and apparenly looks pretty comical!

He needs to gain about 10 pounds, and his coat is coarse, but will be beautiful with continued good nutrition.  After his weight gain, Dakota will most likely be a big boy. 

Learning is a fun new thing for Dakota, and his foster mom is working on commands and learning to walk on a leash.  The vet test came back positive for Lyme's Disease, and this is being treated in his foster home.

This young man has a very bright future in front of him, and is looking forward to a home to call his own.

Dakota is being fostered in Bowlus, MN.