15-month-old tricolor female

Post-adoption picture of Lacy

New to Rescue!

Lacey is a 15 month old, tri-colored girl with stunning markings including a sparkling white ruff. Right now her coat is not in peak condition, but her foster family is working on improving this by feeding her a high quality diet and supplements. She had puppies in April and that too has contributed to her coat condition. Once she has fully recovered from the stresses of motherhood, she will be a strikingly beautiful girl.

Before coming to her foster home, Lacey lived her life as an outdoor dog, but she has quickly and happily made the transition to an indoor lifestyle. She is fully housetrained and hasnít had a single accident since coming to her foster home. She loves snuggling up on the couch with her family.

Lacey gets along well with all the animals at her foster home, including the other dogs and horses. She hasnít met any cats yet. She also is very loving and affectionate with children. About the only creatures that Lacey doesnít like are the deer. She barks at them and tries to chase them. She also seems to have an aversion to certain vehicles: she tries to bit the tires and bumpers of motorcycles and ATVs. She is afraid to get in cars, but once there, she travels well.

Lacey is an incredibly sweet and affectionate girl who is very happy to be in an indoor environment where she is lavished with love and attention. She is an undemanding dog who would do well in almost any situation where she was treated with kindness and love.

Lacy is being fostered in Ely, MN.