#2398 – Tango


3-year-old male black and white collie/border collie mix  

New to Rescue!

Little Tango has come a long way, both figuratively and geographically. His journey originated in Oklahoma where he was found as a stray and brought to a local shelter. Ordinarily this would mean he was safe, at least for awhile, but shortly after Tango arrived, heavy rains flooded the shelter and he, along with the other animals, were evacuated to the fair grounds. Poor Tango was quite a mess. His time as a homeless dog had left him heavily matted, infested with ticks and worms, seriously underweight and borderline anemic. When he was shaved down it was discovered that the mats covering his body were full of burrs and sticks that were poking and scratching his skin so that he was covered with sores. He also had an upper respiratory infection and a case of kennel cough. Fortunately, an MWCR member in Kansas realized that Tango desperately needed help and worked to bring him to his foster home in Wisconsin.

Today, Tango’s life has completely turned around. He is free of parasites, is getting lots of nutritious food to help put on weight and the sores that once covered his body are healing nicely. Soon his embarrassing haircut will also be a thing of the past as his handsome black and white coat grows back.

But not all of the changes in Tango’s life involve his health. The shy, frightened dog that has been through so much trauma is learning that being with people can be a pretty wonderful thing. His short fur doesn’t require brushing but he likes the feel of the comb on his body and loves it when his foster mom strokes him and gives him attention. Initially, he was nervous around his foster dad, but is warming up and learning to trust. He was a little cautious around the other two dogs at his foster home at first, though he has since become quite friendly. He and the senior, female dog have worked out a clever plan to fool their mom. The chubby senior girl is fed a “light” dog food and Tango is getting “puppy” food to help him gain weight, but when mom isn’t looking these two like to switch bowls.

In spite of the fact that Tango is probably part border collie, he has shown no herding instincts thus far. He is afraid of traffic and definitely has no interest in herding cars or trucks. When he first arrived at his foster home he did some territorial “marking” but since then has had no accidents in the house. He has been left uncrated on occasion without any adverse consequences, though he does have a tendency to counter surf if there are any tender morsels left within reach.

Tango is a clever boy and a quick learner. He is learning to “sit” and “come” on command, and his foster mom plans to take him to obedience training so he can learn additional commands and develop greater self confidence. He is an extremely sweet boy, though he will probably always be a little shy and reserved with new people and situations. It is unknown how he would be with children. He is extremely alert and curious about his surroundings, and when he encounters something new he will tilt his head to one side and study the situation. Since he still has a full fluffy “head” of hair but a “buzz cut” everywhere else, this pose makes Tango look both comical and quizzical.

The final step in Tango’s long journey has been made. His foster family was so smitten with this sweet boy that it is now his forever family. Tango is home!

Tango is being fostered in Madison, WI.