#2607 – Cody

Status:   Adopted

Status: Adopted
Type: Grey
Age: 2 years
Gender: Male
Spayed/Neutered: Yes
Good with children: Dog-savvy kids 10 and older only
Good with other dogs: With female dogs – Yes; with male dogs – No!
Good with cats: No!
Housebroken: Yes
Foster Location: Marshall, MN
Special needs: I am an active boy who needs to keep busy. I am looking for an active family who will play with me and help me work off my puppy energy. I am so focused on my ball, I could be a fly-ball champ!
Adoption requirements:
Available for adoption with an application & home visit. Don't hesitate to complete our adoption application form
Adoption Fee: Click here for fee
Update: April 20, 2009 The big mystery here at MWCR surrounds Cody. We know he is part Collie, but what is the other part? Although we will never know for sure (only Cody’s mom is certain and she is too much of a lady to kiss and tell), the smart money is on Newfoundland! Cody has the coat and coloring of a Newfie, and on a recent visit to his foster mom’s lake home, he demonstrated that he also has the swimming skills. A quick check of his feet even showed that he has the Newfie’s webbing.

When he first arrived at the lake, Cody jumped right in, even though the ice wasn’t fully gone and the water was frigid. He saw a duck and swam out to it, but when the duck refused to be intimidated, Cody showed that he definitely is not part retriever and swam back to his foster mom. He absolutely loves the water and is hoping for a forever home where he can go for the occasional swim. His fur dries amazingly quickly, another characteristic of the Newfie.

Cody continues to get along well with the two female dogs at his foster home and has learned lots from his Golden Retriever sister who has made it her special project to teach Cody good dog manners. He has met some male dogs on occasion at the dog park and has gotten along fine. We still don’t know if he would be more aggressive to a male dog that was on his own turf.

Cody is a very special guy, both in his ancestry and his personality. He loves to be with people and seems to embody the best characteristics of both the Collie and the Newfoundland. If Timmy were to fall in the lake instead of the well, Cody would have no need to go for help; he would just jump in and complete the rescue on his own!

Update: April 16, 2009 Cody and his nine year old Golden Retriever foster sister (also Cody) have become the best of friends.  They lie on the same dog bed, wrestle, play tug, and have a grand time.   They go to the local fairgrounds together each day to run, and on a recent occasion curiosity took hold of both dogs when they spotted a horse and rider.  They dashed over to see what the big creature was, but Cody demonstrated good judgment as he stopped at a distance and turned back.

Cody responds well to his name and comes when he's called, putting his foster sister to shame in the obedience department.  He is a loving boy who likes to move close to his foster mom on the bed and lies on his back, with legs and fur sticking up everywhere.  He's relaxed a great deal during the time that he's lived in his foster home.  Soon he will go to his foster family's lake home and is certain to love it.

Update: April 6, 2009 Is your life boring? Is every day the same as the last? It may be time to “Codyize” your home and discover the endless amusement and diversity that a Cody can bring to it. Every minute brings some new and exciting activity when you add a Cody to your life. A Cody is always ready to DO something: chase a ball; chase a toy; rip up a toy; run a race; go outside; come back in; pester his people; pester the other dogs; chew a bone; do a dance; etc., etc., etc. Cody even met a male dog at the park recently and seemed to get along well. The possibilities are endless.

For a limited time only, this character can be yours. This offer is not available in stores. Act now. Description: There is nothing typical about Cody. Although he has the body and coat of a rough collie, his striking, dark gray coloring is unheard of in the collie world. Pictures don’t do this tall, lanky boy justice, because in addition to the black markings (typical of some blue merles), his feet and chest are tipped with silver and there are brown highlights throughout his coat.

Cody loves to play. Toy of all shapes and sizes are an endless source of joy to him. He will disembowel a stuffed toy in record time and chase a squeaky toy for as long as someone will throw it. But Cody’s favorite toy of all is THE BALL. It doesn’t matter what size or material, from tennis balls to basket balls, Cody loves them all. As you can see from the photo, he can actually carry a soccer ball or basketball in his mouth.

Cody plays well with his canine foster sisters and even lets the dominant female boss him around. He does not, however, get along with male dogs or cats. His size and energy level probably make him too rough for small children, but he recently encountered some elementary school children and sat calmly while they petted him.

Cody behaves well in the house and has shown no destructiveness. His foster mom has not needed to crate him and he sleeps in her bedroom at night. He tends to thrash around while he is sleeping and recently managed to flip himself off the bed and onto the floor giving new meaning to the term “rude awakening.”

Many typical household sights and sounds seem foreign to Cody, and he is curious about the shower and the noises that come from the dishwasher. He is alert and responsive to his name, a command or even a glance from his human. Although he rarely barks, he has a deep, commanding voice when he decides to use it. He also keeps his foster family amused with a variety of squeals, snorts, squeaks, growls and groans designed to let them know when he is excited or when there is a dog outside or when he wants to PLAY. He loves to be petted and likes to give his foster mom kisses to wake her up in the morning.

Cody is looking for an active forever family that could include a playful, female dog and/or older children. He is an energetic boy who will need someone, canine or human, who will play with him and help him work off his puppyish energy. Cody is not only unique looking, he is a real character that will bring many years of love and fun some happy family.