~8 years old smooth sable and white female









Update for Kellie June 16, 2005

Kellie continues to thrive and is ready for her forever home! Her sore eyes have stabilized and she has no problem getting around the house and yard at her foster home. She is comfortable going up and down stairs now and likes to go into the basement and "help" her foster mom with the laundry. Occasionally, her eyes seem to itch as if she is suffering from allergies, and at those times she looks for extra love and attention from her foster mom.

Kellie's long legs and slender body make her look like a delicate, "mature," prima ballerina: dainty and dignified but with a core of inner strength. That strength becomes more and more evident as Kellie becomes increasingly confident in her surroundings. She has even begun to stand up for herself with the resident, Alpha, female collie in her foster home, and the two will now sleep together in a pile of doggie beds.

Kellie is a sweet, sensitive girl whose only problem is a fear of loud noises such as fireworks and thunder. She reacts by pacing, trembling and searching for a safe "den" where she can hide. Poor Kellie has even tried to slip behind the fireplace screen to find a refuge. At times like this, soft words and lots of petting help her to calm down and relax. A few doggie treats don't hurt either. Many sensitive Collies do not like these loud disruptions.

Kellie is patiently waiting for her forever home: a quiet place with a fluffy dog bed, good food and particularly nice people who will love and care for her. In the meantime, her foster family is loving and enjoying their beautiful house guest!

Kellie is waiting for you in Esko, Minnesota (near Duluth).

Intake Bio for Kellie

If you're looking for a calm, laid back collie to be your devoted companion, Kellie is the girl for you. She is a very quiet, gentle girl who prefers snuggling with her person to racing around the yard and would rather take a leisurely walk than a lengthy jog. Kellie is about eight years old and because she is smooth coated, she needs much less grooming to maintain her beautiful sable coat.

Kellie came to MWCR from a shelter where she was taken after being found wandering, lost in the cold of northern Minnesota. She was very thin, had some weakness in her rear legs and a sore, swollen eye. Her foster mom says that she is now doing much better: she has gained some weight; her hind legs are stronger; and her eye is being treated with ointment.

Kellie is looking for a quiet, forever home to share with a loving family and perhaps another laid back dog. In exchange, this gentle girl will be your devoted friend and lifelong companion.

Kellie is being fostered in Esko, MN (near Duluth).